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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hunger Games (Books & Movie)


recently i saw The Hunger Games movie poster on tumblr. i instantly fell in love with the movie posters because it looks so EPIC! and i MUST read the series quickly before the movie premieres. :) i haven't read the book yet, but i instantly fell in love with these two characters! Cato and Effie! i love Cato because of his facial features, and i am extremely interested in Effie because her poster seems to show lots of personality, making me curious to read the book and get to know her. here's Cato and Effie's movie posters. i personally think Cato's cute. 

here's the book cover of the hunger games series by suzanne collins.
i've heard about these book for quite a while, my friends have recommend it for me to read.
and now i really can't wait to read this series! will definitely to schedule this series to read before the end of the year :) i've been reading so many reviews about this series, and it sounds really exciting :) i am also very excited to watch the movie, but i won't watch it before reading the book :)

bye for now!

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