Thursday, November 23, 2017

Book Review: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

BOOK review
Started on: 14 October 2017
Finished on: 28 October 2017

Title : Turtles All the Way Down
Author : John Green
Publisher : Dutton Books
Pages : 304 pages / 292 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication : 2017
Price : Rp 243,000 (

Rating: 4/5
"The thing about a spiral is, if you follow it inward, it never actually ends. It just keeps tightening, infinitely."
Sixteen-year-old Aza Holmes is a high school student living with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and suffers from 'thought spirals' time and time again. Having these 'thought spirals' made her lead a secluded life. One day, her best friend, Daisy Ramirez, discovered the news of a billionaire named Russell Pickett has gone missing—and there's a $100,000 reward for those who's able to find him. Russell Pickett's son, Davis Pickett, was an old acquaintance of Aza. Tempted with the huge amount of reward, Daisy and Aza decided to sneak into the Pickett's compound to search for clues. After they were discovered, Aza was reunited with Davis and their relationship grows from that point onwards.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Book Review: Momiji by Orizuka

BOOK review
Started on: 31 October 2017
Finished on: 1 November 2017

Judul Buku : Momiji
Penulis : Orizuka
Penerbit : Penerbit Inari
Tebal : 210 Halaman
Tahun Terbit: 2017

Rating: 3/5
"Kenyataannya, tinggal di Jepang adalah salah satu keputusan terburuk yang pernah kuambil dalam hidupku.
Lebih tepatnya, keputusanku untuk tinggal di rumah keluarga Shiraishi. Seharusnya aku memilih keluarga inang yang tidak punya anak gadis dan cuma memelihara kucing."
Dilahirkan dengan nama yang membebaninya, Patriot Bela Negara, merasa lelah dengan kehidupannya—terutama karena dirinya sangat tidak mencerminkan nama yang ia miliki. Dengan fisik yang lemah dan mental yang serupa, Patriot tidak merasa bahwa ia adalah seseorang yang mampu untuk membela negaranya. Banyaknya hinaan yang ia terima di negaranya, Indonesia, membuat Patriot memutuskan untuk kabur sementara ke negara Jepang. Selama sebulan ia belajar bahasa dan tinggal bersama dengan keluarga inang di sana. Di samping itu semua, Patriot berharap ia bisa menemukan Yamato Nadeshiko-nya, sesosok tipe wanita ideal versi Jepang.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Book Review: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

BOOK review
Started on: 30 September 2017
Finished on: 13 October 2017

Title : Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot, #10)
Author : Agatha Christie
Publisher : Harper
Pages : 274 pages
Year of Publication : 2013
Price : Rp 134,833 (

Rating: 4/5
"I was reflecting, not half an hour ago, that many hours of boredom lay ahead whilst we are stuck here. And now—a problem lies ready to my hand....
The murderer is with us—on the train now..." 
Hercule Poirot was about to planning to stay at a hotel in Stamboul after he wrapped up an affair in Syria. But as he arrived at the hotel, he received a telegram summoning him urgently back to London. At the hotel, Poirot met M. Bouc, a friend of his who is the head of the Wagon Lit. Thus M. Bouc was able to arrange a spot for Poirot on the Orient Express which is surprisingly full. Aboard the same train is a man called Ratchett, who requests Poirot's assistance due to threatening letters saying that he will be killed. But Poirot bluntly refused the case because he disliked Ratchett's face. On the first night of his stay in the Orient Express, he noticed some strange occurrences happening in the first-class cabin. The next morning, Ratchett is found murdered—and it's now Poirot's job to investigate the case.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Big Bad Wolf Surabaya 2017: Experience, Tips, and Book Haul

image source: here. edited by me.
[ 28 September - 9 October, 2017: at JX International ]

After missing out on last year's Big Bad Wolf because I was away on a trip with my friends to the U.S., this year I finally made it to Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Surabaya 2017! It's the biggest book fair for imported books which offered 60-80% discount. Well, to be honest, I wasn't planning on going. Firstly, because the location is really far away from home. Secondly, I know it's going to be fully packed with people. And the last reason, I don't have any plans on adding too many books onto my already huge pile of unread ones. But then my boyfriend offered me to go there, so I just went without having any expectations. This post is going to be about my experience during the event and at the end I will share the books that I (eventually) bought from BBW. Hopefully this will be helpful and give you some insights if you're planning to visit BBW in the future ;)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Book Review: Sophismata by Alanda Kariza

BOOK review
Started on: 19 September 2017
Finished on: 27 September 2017

Judul Buku : Sophismata
Penulis : Alanda Kariza
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Tebal : 272 Halaman
Tahun Terbit: 2017
Harga: Rp 65,000 (

Rating: 3/5
"Kejadian ini seolah menjadi bukti bahwa apa yang gue percayai selama ini memang benar: politik itu kotor! Gue nggak mau jadi bagian itu."
Sigi adalah staf administrasi Johar Sancoyo, seorang anggota DPR yang sewaktu muda adalah seorang aktivis reformasi yang cukup diidolakan oleh banyak orang—termasuk Sigi sendiri. Impian Sigi adalah untuk bisa terlibat lebih jauh dalam aktivitas yang bersangkutan dengan kebijakan publik. Dan satu-satunya cara untuk mencapai hal tersebut adalah dengan dipromosikan menjadi seorang Tenaga Ahli. Sayangnya, setelah 3 tahun bekerja dengan tekun, yang diharapkan oleh Sigi tidak kunjung terjadi. Seolah statusnya sebagai seorang perempuan yang tidak memiliki pendidikan S2 membuatnya diremehkan dan dianggap tidak mampu menjadi seorang Tenaga Ahli.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Book Review: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

BOOK review
Started on: 27 June 2017
Finished on: 18 September 2017

Title : A Little Life
Author : Hanya Yanagihara
Publisher : Doubleday
Pages : 720 pages / 736 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication : 2015
Price : Rp168,000 (

Rating: 4.5/5
"But what was happiness but an extravagance, an impossible state to maintain, partly because it was so difficult to articulate? He couldn't remember being a child and being able to define happiness: there was only misery, or fear, and the absence of misery or fear, and the latter state was all he needed or wanted."
This book starts with four friends: Jude, Willem, JB, and Malcolm, who each has their own ambitions in life. Willem is the handsome one whose dream is to be an actor; JB is a painter who's waiting for the world to acknowledge his works; Malcolm is an unsatisfied architect at a popular form; while Jude is the brilliant one with a limp, yet no one knows the real reason behind his injured leg. No one dares to ask Jude about his past and they seem to be treading on thin ice around him. But as the years go by, Willem and other people who remained close to Jude finally discovered the true story behind Jude's life.

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