Friday, October 12, 2018

Movie Adaptation Review: Crazy Rich Asians

I know it's quite late to be posting this, but I'm going to write it nevertheless 😂. I actually watched Crazy Rich Asians twice; the first time with my boyfriend and the second time with my parents. To be honest, I originally planned on reading the book first before going to watch the movie. But since the book is quite lengthy, I decided to just directly watch the movie 😂. I'd have to say, the movie is very pleasant and easy to watch—because you don't have to think too much about it. For the most part, the story line is pretty cliché and predictable; but it's still enjoyable for me personally. In this review I'm going to review some of my favorite parts from the movie. Hopefully I won't spoil too much for those who haven't seen it yet 😉.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Book Review: Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

BOOK review
Started on: 7 September 2018
Finished on: 10 September 2018

Title: Long Way Down
Author: Jason Reynolds
Publisher: Atheneum
Pages: 306 pages / 321 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication: 2017
Price: Rp 228,000 (

Rating: 4/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"but if blood inside you is on the inside of someone else,
you never want to see it on the outside of them."
Fifteen-year old Will just lost his brother, Shawn, who was shot and murdered. But despite his grief, Will reminded himself of the rules. No crying; no snitching; and revenge. And that is exactly what he's going to do as he took a gun from Shawn's drawer and shove it in the back waistband of his jeans. As he entered the elevator on the seventh floor to go to the lobby, Will experienced something strange. In the span of one minute, the elevator stopped at each floor and someone comes in to join him. However, all of these people that Will encountered, are supposed to be dead.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Love to Meet

Here we are again with another Top Ten Tuesday post after several months! I don't think I've ever done this topic on my blog ever before, so I thought this will be a good opportunity to share some of the Authors I'd Love to Meet. Of course I would love to meet all of my favorite authors, but on this list I picked my favorite authors who have impacted my life—one way or another. I'd really love to meet them and express my feelings and gratitude towards their works. So here they are, listed in no particular order.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Covers (2018)

I've shown a lot of my favorite covers in the past, and this week's Top 5 Wednesday is yet another one about book covers—that is why I am exceptionally excited about the topic. However, this time I will do it a bit differently than the previous ones I did. I usually chose my favorite from books that I have already read. This time, I randomly browsed from books that are released in 2018 and picked the ones that caught my attention. I had a great time because I love browsing for books and it's the perfect time to judge them by their covers 😂. So here are my picks, listed in no particular order.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Book Review: A List of Cages by Robin Roe

BOOK review
Started on: 27 August 2018
Finished on: 6 September 2018

Title: A List of Cages
Author: Robin Roe
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Pages: 310 pages / 320 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication: 2017
Price: Rp 266,000 (

Rating: 4/5
"For the millionth time I wish she'd titled her lists, because the entire notebook is like this. A list of places. A list of colors. A list of songs. But no titles. No context. No way to understand what they mean."
Adam Blake is a cheerful and friendly guy with ADHD. Despite his condition, Adam is always loved and adored by the people around him. Until one day, the school psychologist asked for his help and that is when Adam is reunited with Julian—the foster brother he hasn’t seen in five years. Adam is thrilled seeing Julian again, but it seems like Julian doesn't feel the same way. Julian is still the same kindhearted person that Adam once knew, but slowly he discovered that Julian has been keeping secrets that no one else knows about. Adam is eager to find out and help Julian; however, his eagerness might actually endanger Julian's life even more.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Book Review: Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

BOOK review
Started on: 8 August 2018
Finished on: 25 August 2018

Title: Counting by 7s
Author: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Publisher: Dial Books
Pages: 380 pages / 380 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication: 2013
Price: Rp 193,639 (

Rating: 4/5
"I'm about to start a new school.
I'm an only child.
I'm adopted.
And I'm different.
As in strange.
But I know it and that takes the edge off. At least for me."
Willow Chance is a 12-year-old genius who's obsessed with nature and diagnosing medical conditions. She always had a difficulty blending in with others and only find it comfortable to be with her adoptive parents. But then suddenly, she lost both her parents due to a tragic car accident. As she struggled through her grief, Willow is accompanied by people who are able to accept her the way she is. Through their friendship, Willow was able to overcome her sadness. And they grow even closer to what feels like a family to her.

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