Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Book Review: Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

BOOK review
Started on: 10 November 2018
Finished on: 23 November 2018

Title: Dare to Lead
Author: Brené Brown
Publisher: Random House
Pages: 320 pages / 320 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rp 248,000 (http://periplus.com/)

Rating: 4/5
"I define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential."
In this new book, Brené Brown—a research professor, broaden her data on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy, in the world of organization and leadership. Based on new research conducted with leaders, change makers, and culture shifters, she's showing us how to put those ideas into practice so we can step up and lead. Leadership is not about titles, status, and wielding power. A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for recognizing the potential in people and ideas, and has the courage to develop that potential. This book is for anyone who wants to step up and into brave leadership.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Book Review: ESV Story of Redemption Bible: A Journey Through the Unfolding Promises of God

The ESV Story of Redemption Bible is an exquisite new addition to the Crossway Bible collection. I got an amazing privilege of being sent a copy for review by Crossway, and I am amazed by the intricate details of this Bible edition. There is something especially unique that makes this Bible quite different than the other ones. In this ESV Story of Redemption Bible there are 897 notes/commentary written by Pastor Greg Gilbert that explains how every part of Scripture fits together and is ultimately centered on Christ. I've read the whole Bible several times, and each time I always some parts of the Bible that are difficult to understand. That's why I'm really excited to start reading this version of the Bible because there are various maps, illustrations, and timelines that will help us gain new perspective on the whole story of redemption.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Movie Adaptation Review: The Hate U Give

"Violence, brutality. It’s the same story, just a different name."
The Hate U Give is one of my favorite reads from 2017, and I was quite amazed because in such a short period of time, the book got its own movie adaptation. At first I was quite hesitant to watch the movie because I'm not sure if it will do the book justice. But recently I decided to watch it together with my boyfriend, and I'm glad I did! Of course, the book is still 10 times better, but I think the movie adaptation successfully delivered the message of the story really well. Even though I already knew what's going to happen throughout the movie, it had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. In this review, I'm going to talk about some of my favorite things about this movie adaptation. I'll try my best not to spoil too much for those who haven't read the book or watch the movie yet 😊.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Book Review: Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks

BOOK review
Started on: 28 October 2018
Finished on: 9 November 2018

Title: Every Breath
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Pages: 320 pages / 320 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rp 268,000 (http://periplus.com/)

Rating: 3.5/5
"A life, after all, is simply a series of little lives, each of them lived one day at a time, and every single one of those days has choices and consequences. Piece by piece, those decisions help to form the people we become."
Hope Anderson is thirty-six years old and has been dating her boyfriend for six years. Without any wedding plans in sight, she decided to stay at her family's cottage alone in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. On the other hand, Tru Walls has never visited America and has lived his whole life in Zimbabwe as a safari guide. However, an unexpected letter from a man who claimed to be his father intrigued him and he finally came to North Carolina. As these two strangers cross paths, their undeniable chemistry made them want to spend more time with one another. They both live in a completely different worlds with different priorities. Tru and Hope are faced with the choice between family duty or their personal happiness.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Book Review: Hope in the Dark by Craig Groeschel

BOOK review
Started on: 18 October 2018
Finished on: 26 October 2018

Title: Hope in the Dark
Author: Craig Groeschel
Publisher: Zondervan
Pages: 176 pages / 176 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rp 296,289 (https://www.bookdepository.com)

Rating: 5/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Just to be clear: this book is not for everyone. If you're living the dream and you're on a spiritual high, stop and praise God for his goodness. I celebrate with you. But, honestly, this book probably isn't for you, at least not in this season of your life. This book is for those who are hurting. For those with doubts. For those afraid that their faith may be failing. For those whose world has grown dark."
Craig Groeschel is the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church and has written a lot of books in the past. This time, he specifically wrote this book for people who are struggling to believe that God is good. He wrote this book for those who are in the midst of great suffering and pain. Throughout this book, Craig Groeschel also shares his own challenges and acknowledges the questions we might ask in our deepest pain: "Where was God when I was being abused?" "Why was my child born with a disability?" "Why did the cancer come back?" "Why are all my friends married and I’m alone?". This book invites us to wrestle with such questions as we ask God to honor our faith and heal our unbelief.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Book Review: The Next Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

BOOK review
Started on: 15 October 2018
Finished on: 17 October 2018

Title: The Next Person You Meet in Heaven
Author: Mitch Albom
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 224 pages / 224 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rp 310,000 (http://periplus.com/)

Rating: 5/5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"...when you first get to heaven, you meet five people from your time on earth. They were all in your life for a reason... They teach you something you didn't realize while you were alive. It helps you understand the things you went through."
In the previous book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Eddie died saving a little girl's life called Annie. Many years later, Annie has grown into a beautiful woman and the story begins with her wedding day; where she's going to be married to her childhood love, Paulo. Annie's wedding night ends with a tragic accident, and that's when she find herself on her own heavenly journey—where she's going to meet five people who will show her how her life mattered in ways she could not have fathomed: including Eddie. Annie always resents her past, blames her mother, and she feels like she always make mistakes. Through this journey, Annie will discover the truth behind her life that she never knew before.

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