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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Movie Adaptation Review: Breaking Dawn - Part Two

image source: here. edited by me.
MOVIE ADAPTATION of Breaking Dawn - Part Two

and so, I finally decided to watch the last movie adaptation of the Twilight series - although it's only because my mother (who's a big fan of the Bella-Edward couple, unlike me) wanted to see it. Thankfully though, this last movie of the Twilight series doesn't disappoint me as much as the first one. As some of you probably know, I stopped watching the movie adaptation for this series since the second one; but since I read the books already, I don't have that much problem understanding the story. Of course, there are some good and bad things about the movie, and that's what I want to share in this review. So, here goes my non-spoiler review for the last Twilight movie.

image source: here. edited by me
image source: here. edited by me
My first impression with the opening: I guess Bella does look a lot prettier than I remembered from the first movie. And of course, a lot of kissing-thing since the very beginning. Honestly, I don't remember much about the book because I read it like 3 years ago - so I'm not going to compare it with the book and just focus on reviewing the movie. The beginning of the movie weren't very exciting for me because it's only about Bella trying to get used to being a vampire, and about Renesmee with Jacob, the happy family thing. The problem rises up when a vampire named Irina - Cullen's cousin - saw Renesmee and thought she was an immortal child. She reports it to the Volturi, and that's how the problem begins.

Then again, even after that the story didn't get intense yet; because the Cullens are going their separate ways finding allies to help them fight against the Volturi. The only interesting thing in this part for me is seeing all the different gifts and skills that the vampires got. It's kind of refreshing to see the other vampires around instead of the Cullens all the time. One thing that I don't really like about the whole movie is the special effects - which at times looks so unreal. The technology these days are so amazing already, I actually hope to see a more realistic effect in this movie.

And here's the line of my favorite characters in the movie - although they're not the main characters, somehow I like them better :p. #1 favorite on my list would be Jane played by Dakota Fanning who has the ability to create mental illusion of pain into other people's mind. I like her so much much much more than Bella or Edward or Jacob - her acting and presence is so great it even give me chills; and I think she only said a word in the whole movie: Pain. The other three are: Benjamin, the Egyptian vampire who has control over elements; Kate, the vampire which has electricity power in her body - and I seem to really like seeing her on screen; the last one is Zafrina, the vampire from Amazon which has the ability to create visual illusions. For me, personally, these characters has made me like the movie a lot more. Even though the movie plot isn't really exciting, the interesting characters managed to keep me entertained.
"Their goal isn't punishment. It's power. It's acquisition. Carlisle might not ask you to fight, but I will, for the sake of my family, but also for yours. And for the way that you want to live."

My favorite part of the movie would be, of course, the battle scene - which I hoped would last a little bit longer because it was so exciting. A lot of killing and brutality because they have to pull off the heads to kill vampires. Overall, I think this is a great closing for the Twilight movie adaptations; at least it's far better than the first one - in my opinion. Because of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, my impression of Twilight movie adaptation wasn't so bad anymore. Although I always wished there are more action scenes rather than kissing and intimate scenes in the movie, it's quite enjoyable.

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