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Friday, September 18, 2015

Book Review: Marmalade Boy Little 2 by Wataru Yoshizumi

BOOK review
Started on: 6.September.2015
Finished on: 7.September.2015

Title : Marmalade Boy Little2
Author : Wataru Yoshizumi
Publisher : Shueisha
Pages :  168 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication : 2014

Rating: 5/5
*might contain some minor spoilers.
Review for Marmalade Boy Little 1 by Wataru Yoshizumi.

In the second volume of Marmalade Boy Little, the story continued after the 'double date' event that happened in the previous one. Rikka started to notice that Saku is slowly becoming different from the little boy that she knew from her childhood days. Rena, who decided to join the tennis club to get closer to Saku, was hit on by a boy named Noboru Rokutanda, and she was flattered when Saku came to help her. On the other hand, Aoi is suddenly not as cheerful as he usually was; which Rikka found peculiar. She discovered later that Aoi recently broke up with his girlfriend, making him sullen and broken-hearted. But after his conversation with Saku, it seems that Aoi has made up his mind about something.

image source: here. edited by me.
OMG I'm so happy with how the story progressed so far! Don't get me wrong, the whole plot is still pretty cliche, but since there are some unexpected things that happened in this volume, I finally decided to give it a 5/5. I can't deny the fact that even though the plot is as cliche as it is, I'm really really enjoying this series so far. It still had me giggling over puny scenes that I've read so many times before in other books. Aside from the main characters' plot that I mentioned in the short summary above, the side characters also had some progress in this volume. There's Ginta and Arimi who finally met after being separated for 3 years. Yuu and Miki, finally !! Not going to spoil exactly what happened, but I hope we'll see more progress on these two couples in the next volumes. The story is starting to reveal more of the characters' feelings and things are slowly getting more complicated. The ending of this volume is making me cranky. I seriously need to read the next volume and I need it now ㅠㅠ Translator why you no quick.

As for the characters, the only new one being introduced in this volume is Noboru Rokutanda—who's quite annoying. I'm not sure if he'll play a huge role in the story or not, but so far he's not that important. I'm not going to talk about the other characters for now, because I have to focus on talking abou Saku Koishikawa. I mean how much more adorable can this boy get? Oh gosh, his expressionless confessions always made me giggle so much. He's too cute! My favorite scene in this volume has got to be the othello incident between him and Rikka. I literally didn't expect him to ask 'THAT' as a victory wish. Geez, you're a 12-year-old, Saku. Again, I'm not going to spoil anything, but let me spoil just a little bit with this image below . Yup, that happened LOL. I just love how Saku is really straight-forward with his feelings and knows that it's nothing to be ashamed about. Love his confidence as well. I just hope he's not going to get dragged badly into all the complicated mess that's happening.

I really didn't expect to love this manga series so much! I stopped reading manga a while back because none of the manga that I read got my interest. But apparently, it's just about finding the right story—even though it's as cliche as this one. As I've said earlier, I'm really enjoying this manga series so far and hoping to see more adorable things happening in the future. I just hope that I won't have to wait for too long :( I need more Saku in my life! Anyways, if you have any good manga series recommendation for me, feel free to write it down in the comments below! ;)
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