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Friday, July 11, 2014

Book Club ID's 1st Read-a-Thon

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So about a month ago, Nicole @ Book Club ID sent me an invitation through e-mail to participate in Book Club Indonesia's 1st Read-a-Thon. I heard about read-a-thon so many times through book-blogs and also book-tubers, but never get to try it out. After debating for quite some-time, I decided to join this readathon which is held from 18 - 20th July 2014 - which means it's going to be 3 days full of reading. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term readathon, here's a brief explanation I quoted from Book Club ID.
A readathon is simply a reading marathon! Usually, book communities select a few days and dedicate it to as much reading as possible. It can be any book you already have, or there might be a theme around it as well. For Book Club Indonesia's first readathon, we aim to read as much books off of our shelves as possible. That means finally picking up those lonely books that have been sitting on your bookshelves for years, unread and unreached for. ()
I'm still not sure what my schedule would be like for those 3 days, and I'm not sure if I would be able to get a lot of reading done. But I will try my best to read as much as I can; probably try even harder than I usually do. Here are some details about the readathon, and what challenge I picked for this event.

There are 3 (three) challenges to choose from in this readathon; we're free to do one or two or even all the challenges! I decided to do Challenge #3; because I have only used my Kindle Paperwhite to read about 3 books, and I need to use it more! So during the readathon, I will dedicate myself to only read e-book(s). I think at the same time, I am also doing Challenge #1, because I read an e-book that's written in English (since I mostly read Indonesian books).
Challenge #1: Read a book that is written in another language.
Mangas are fine, but it'd be better if you read a proper book that's written in a foreign language. Let's say you're used to reading English books (like me), give a Bahasa Indonesia book a try! Or any language you can read for that matter.
Challenge #2: Finish a series
Simply as the title says! If you've already read the first book of its series, reading the rest of the books in the series will count as an accomplished challenge. So all you folks who have finished the second book of a trilogy, pick that last book up and give the series a huge 'check'!
Challenge #3: Read an e-book
There are many people who doubt e-books. I love them, so for that I challenge you to read at least one e-book! It can be an e-novella too (hint hint, destroy me, hint hint, READ IT).
Everyone is free to join this readathon; and you can apply by filling the form here.

Can't wait to start this readathon!
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  1. Jung Il Woo!!!! >.<

    Goodluck with the read-a-thon, Stef! ^^

  2. Thanks so much for the post, love! <3 Can't wait to see you then!

  3. Good luck for the readathon, dear :) I'm participating as well hihi can't wait!


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