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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good-Bye Thailand & Hello Secret Santa

hello everyone! a little story about my holiday :)

i was on holiday to Thailand, but i didn't travel around the city much because the main purpose of this journey is for business. i was travelling with my family and my father's partner's family. we were staying in Bangkok for 4 days 3 nights; and most of the time we visited places that sell wholesale clothing for business. unfortunately, we didn't get to visit great places in Thailand such as Pattaya, Madame Tussaud, the castle, and many more. i hope i would be able to do so in some other time :)

besides doing business, we eat a lot of things! i can consider this as a culinary journey because we tried many different foods here. We tried the popular Thai culinary; which includes the delicious and spicy Tom Yum Kong soup - the best spicy soup ever! ; and we even had Indian food there! we also went on a dinner cruise going around the city, enjoying the beautiful night scenery. the food was delicious and the scenery was breath-taking! here are some pictures i had on the journey :)

and another news, is a book from my SECRET SANTA!
last December, the BBI club was doing gift swap among the members. i received my gift when i got back from Thailand. i was really happy to get Life Traveller by Windy Ariestanty! my Secret Santa even gave me a free bookmark and plastic-wrapped the book beautifully! :) thank you so much my Secret Santa! 
i will read and review the book soon ;) here's the picture for you to see :)

bye for now ;) going to post review on Sunset Bersama Rosie soon :)

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