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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Movie Adaptation Review: Love, Rosie

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OMGGGG SAM CLAFLIN ♥♥♥ Seriously though, I need more of his smile in my life. And he's such a great actor, he deserved a leading role in more movies. Anyways, back to the movie adaptation. Sadly, I'd have to say that plot-wise, the book is ten times better than the movie. Which I can totally understand, because the book is pretty long and I know it'll be difficult to fit all that into a one-and-a-half-hour movie. Even though I'm quite sad because the movie definitely didn't do justice to the book, I actually really enjoyed my time watching it. Though I'm not sure whether it's because of Sam Claflin or not..... Alright, so here's my non-spoiling review for the movie adaptation of Love, Rosie! And if you'd like, turn on the song below while reading this post ;) It's played once in the movie and I think it's the perfect soundtrack :D

Rosie and Alex has been best friends since forever; and on Rosie's 18th birthday something happened between the two. But Rosie was too drunk to remember the details and told Alex to forget everything she did that night. And later, when they were supposed to go to the dance together, Alex declared his interest on a girl named Bethany. And Rosie ended up going to the dance with a guy named Greg. Rosie and Alex dreamed of going to Boston together; Alex with his dreams on becoming a doctor and Rosie who dreams on having a hotel. But the night of the dance changed everything. Rosie got pregnant while Alex is in Boston chasing his dreams. The two maintained their friendship through all sorts of hardships. Yet it took them quite some time to finally realize what they needed the most has been there the whole time.

If I were to talk about the differences between the book and the movie, I literally don't know where to start because there are quite a lot. And I don't want to describe them all one by one because that will obviously spoil the book for those who haven't read it yet. Even though the movie adaptation did change a lot of small details in the story, the main plot is still the same—which is about Rosie and Alex's friendship and their missed opportunities.

As for the characters, I love them <3 Especially Rosie and Alex. Lily Collins is perfect as Rosie—although I'm quite disappointed because she doesn't get to show how sarcastic her character is. Her acting's great, though, I'm pretty satisfied. And of course I'll have to talk about Sam Claflin again, who played as Alex. This is my first time seeing him as a leading actor and he's great. His facial expressions and gestures described very well what his character was supposed to feel without the need to say it in a dialogue. Which I really admire because I think that's really important to do as an actor/actress. I absolutely adore their chemistry, I think they portrayed Alex and Rosie's friendship very well in this movie. They know each other so well and are very comfortable around one another. So I think these two are pretty successful in bringing Rosie and Alex's characters to life :)

A lot of things changed for the side characters. My favorite character from the book, Ruby (played by Jaime Winstone)—Rosie's best friend, is a woman who sells the pregnancy test to Rosie; while in the book they're supposed to know each other from work. But that doesn't really matter because I still love her character in the movie anyway. Even though she doesn't get that much dialogue, I just really like her in general. You can read my book review to read my thorough opinion about her character ;) As for Greg (played by Christian Cooke), is a compilation of the two men in Rosie's life in the book. The real Greg in the book is someone Rosie knew when she got older, while the boy who made her pregnant was supposed to be Brian—who doesn't exist in the movie. While Bethany (played by Suki Waterhouse) is a character that's not explored too much in the book, but I think she's almost exactly the same like what I had in mind.

I have quite a lot of favorite scenes from this movie; the first one is when Rosie visited Alex in Boston and they spent the day having fun like they're back to being teenagers :') Their smiles are genuine and I can see how happy they're around each other. Another favorite is during Rosie's dad's funeral; when Alex can fully understand Rosie's grief because he also adored Rosie's amazing dad. Alex is so sweet for making Rosie laugh amidst all the tears and gave her a consoling hug :')) And of course, the ending. When Alex walk into Rosie's hotel with the sweetest smile ever and awkward gestures. God, he's such a beautiful human being. That ending made me feel relieved, just like how I felt when reading the book's ending :')) Oh, and basically anytime Sam Claflin smiles will be my favorite scenes. The sweetest dimpled smile ever ♥♥♥♥

Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable movie and definitely fun to watch if you love a romantic-comedy type of movie. Although I didn't feel like the movie did the book justice, I'm still really happy because the movie brought these characters to life. The movie added some things that are missing from the book (because the book only consists of text messages/email correspondence) and I'm quite satisfied about that. And lastly, I cannot wait to see Sam Claflin play a leading role in another movie! ;))

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  1. Aktornya yang jadi Finnick di Hunger Games ya, Belum nonton film ini sih tapi udah pernah di recomend ma temen tahun lalu, mungkin nanti deh mau nonton :)

    1. Iya itu Finnick di Hunger Gamesss :D Ayok ditontonn ;)

  2. Si pria dengan senyum sejuta watt!! Ya ampun, baca postingan ini dan ngeliat senyumnya bikin senyum-senyum sendiri. :D

  3. Perasaanku nonton ini juga sama sepertimu, Stef. Sayang, ya. :"|


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