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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Top Magical Items

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Back with another Top 5 Wednesday! Feeling like a rush hour this couple of days, time is running out, I need to finish my thesis work soon! Anyways, this week's topic is a bit tough for me; it is to choose Top Magical Items in the literary world. The problem is, I don't read a lot of books that includes magic in them - so my choice is not much, but I did managed to find five for this post. Here goes the list!

#5 Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

This one is at number five, because it is not yet perfected. I'm not really sure if it is magical, but let's just say it is. Three-course dinner chewing gum is one of Willy Wonka's invention in the form of gum, that can feed a person almost like they're really eating dinner. I really want to try it out, and eat dinner just by chewing a piece of gum. But I will wait until it is perfected; because I don't want to turn into a giant human blueberry.
#4 Lembas (The Lord of the Rings trilogy)

Another food on this list is Lembas! It is said that one small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man. Even though this food is not extremely magical, I really want to try it - because just look at Legolas admiring it! LOL. Anyways, there's a lot of Lembas recipe around the internet. I might want to try making it one day ;)
"Eat little at a time, and only at need. For these things are given to serve you when all else fails. The cakes will keep sweet for many many days, if they are unbroken and left in their leaf-wrappings, as we have brought them. One will keep a traveler on his feet for a day of long labour, even if he be one of the tall men of Minas Tirith."
#3 Cloak of Invisibility (Harry Potter series)

One of The Deathly Hallows obviously deserves to be on this list. So the Cloak of Invisibility is at number three! True to its name, the cloak can make you invisible when you're hiding under it. It's one of the most magical things in the Harry Potter series and I really want to have one! I can probably use this when I'm passing by someone who I don't want to see, I'll just go hide under the cloak. ㅋㅋㅋ

#2 The Golden Fleece (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series)

If you have read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, you surely know of this magical item. The golden fleece can heal any living person or thing. And I think it will really come in handy at times when I have a severe headache or stomachache, or toothache even. I'll just need to cover myself with the fleece, and all the sickness will go away! Super magical, and hospital would be empty if everyone had this at home.

#1 Time Turner (Harry Potter series)

The number one on this list goes to the Time Turner in the Harry Potter series. Again, like the name, it basically lets you time travel. And Hermoine used this device to attend a lot more classes. Well, if I have one, I would never use it to attend more class. I would probably use some time to take a nap or do some leisurely activities after finishing off work. A lot of people owned the time turner necklace, but how I hoped that it would really work some time-travel magic.

Next week's Top 5 Wednesday will be to choose Top Books You Devoured.
At least I don't really need to think hard with that one. See you next week!

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  1. Haha. Jadi pengen semua benda2 ajaib itu. Terutama Lembas, makan dikit aja tapi langsung kenyang. *tetep yang dipikirin makanan*

  2. lembas bisa bikin langsing tuh, good for diet kak xD

  3. The Time Turner one is the best indeed :D dan setuju sama komen diatas, Lembas cocok untuk yang lagi diet hihi


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