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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Catching Fire: Teaser Trailer


Catching Fireeee! I have to admit the moment I started watching the teaser trailer, I feel goosebumps. The teaser trailer looks so promising, and I think it will be awesome. Catching Fire is said to be released in November this year. It's still quite a long way, but I just can't hold in my excitement to myself. So for those who haven't watched this trailer (especially for the Hunger Games fans), you must! Take a look at the teaser trailer below :))) *warning: photo-spam ahead.

Compared to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire looks a lot more intense because Katniss has finally sparks rebellion in the districts. There are a lot more conflict, which means more emotions happening. Even in such a short 2 and a half minutes teaser trailer, it can make me feel all the intensity. Starting with the introduction of the two victors, of course: Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark. And then President Snow, who's watching the broadcast, wanted to eliminate Katniss because of her act in The Hunger Games. I felt another goosebumps when the people did the hand sign for Katniss :'))))) #somuchfeels.
"You've given them an opportunity. 
They just have to be brave enough to take it."
The rebellion part also looks amazinngg, with the fire and all. When the peacekeeper dragged the man to be punished, also the time when Gale was whipped, and Katniss' reaction to it all - what more can I say, I LOVE IT. And in Catching Fire, Gale finally got more screen-time. It's a good thing, especially for those who loves seeing Liam Hemsworth ;) Another part that I love from the trailer is when Katniss is conversing with her little sister, Prim. I can really see how Prim - whose life was saved by Katniss in the previous movie - wanted to do something instead of just being saved all the time :')))) #morefeels

Lastly, of course I have to talk about the casts. I miss Peeta Mellark or should I say Josh Hutcherson. He definitely looks really good in the teaser trailer. I'm hoping to see more Peeta in the official trailer ^^ Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen also looks very beautiful here. I love it when her hair is all pretty - because in The Hunger Games she was in the 'battlefield' and of course wouldn't pay attention to her looks. Elizabeth Banks still successfully potray the character of Effie Trinket extremely well with all the make up, costumes, gestures, and accent. Well, needless to say, this teaser trailer is perfect! I'm definitely looking forward to the official trailer - which I don't know when will come out. Hopefully soon.
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