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Saturday, October 1, 2011

It was only just a dream ♥

  MUST WATCH this!

 i wonder why i never heard of sam tsui or christina grimmie before. they are absolutely very very talented! and the music arrangements by kurt schneider is really amazingly wonderful. the song titled Just a Dream is a song originally by Nelly. but i've got to say that this cover version is a hundred times better than the original version! :) i loved the mellow opening; and the vocalists voice is just absolutely wonderful. i think sam and christina should make a duet album or something :9 i kept watching the video over and over and can't seem to get bored with it. 

after browsing through google, i found out that sam & christina have both released an album! and then i'm thinking, i must get those. anyway, it's really nice to come across this video, so i get to know them. wonderful music! ;)

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