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Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 2014: Book Haul


I know I said I shouldn't buy books this month, but look what I've got here. HAHA. It's funny how I always said "I hope I won't buy any more books next month" at the end of my book haul but I would fail again and again. But still, I always defend myself by saying that I needed these books on my bookshelves. And for November, I got quite an equal amount of English and Indonesian books (4 English, and 3 Indonesian). There's one that was already in the October Book Haul actually, so I count that one out. I already finished reading all the 3 Indonesian ones, so it should be fine just adding 4 more books to my TBR pile....or not. Anyways, here are the books!

Wonder by R.J. Palacio
I felt a little guilty for purchasing this one, because I already have the translated version on my bookshelf. I've heard really great things about this book, and I decided that I want to read the original version of it. And as usual, I ordered this book from Book Depository.
Ruin and Rising (The Grisha, #3) by Leigh Bardugo
I also ordered this one from Book Depository, taking advantage of the 5% discount last month. It's the third and final book of The Grisha Trilogy, and I need to find some time to marathon this whole series. However! I was pretty disappointed because the book I ordered is actually a different edition than the previous two books I had. So this one's a bit taller, and the cover has a flap inside. But whatever. I think most of the series I have are mismatched. The important thing is what's inside right? ;)
The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan
This book I actually got last month, but forgot to include it in my October Book Haul post, so here it is. I purchased this at Periplus Bookstore; and it was quite expensive because it's a hardcover. But soon I will be reading The Heroes of Olympus series, and I think this will be a good companion for it :)
Bonus Track by Osamu Koshigaya
These books I got free from Penerbit Haru in exchange for an honest review; and this one is a Japanese translated book. I've read another book by the same author, Her Sunny Side. Both has a similar fantasy theme to it :) I've finished reading this book and reviewed it, click on the title to check it out ;)
Cheeky Romance by Kim Eun Jeong
I already have this book's first edition when it was published 2 years ago, but haven't read it.... So when Penerbit Haru sent a copy of this new cover edition, I thought it must be time for me to read it. It's a Korean translated book, and it's totally my kind of read. Have finished this one as well, I linked my review on the title :))
Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan
I instantly want to buy this book when it was published, but I patiently waited for the illustrated version to be published in paperback (because the hardcover, too expensive). And I finally found it at Periplus Bookstore, which I didn't expect because for a long time they displayed the non-illustrated edition. I was so happy and instantly took it to the cashier ;D
Heart and Soul by Windhy Puspitadewi
I wasn't planning to buy this book, but oh well, I was tempted when I saw it at the bookstore. And since Windhy Puspitadewi is an author whose writing I really enjoy too :) I've also read and reviewed this book, you can click the title to read my review on it :)
(Another mistake because I already post this book in the previous haul)

This is How I Do by Lia Indra Andriana
You can read the reasons why I purchased this book in my October Book Haul, but now I actually regretted it—because I found out it was part of a series! Someone told me in Instagram that this is the third book in the Heartbreakers series (which I didn't read). So I am planning to include this in my Christmas Giveaway, which will happen some time in December. So look out for that, because I'm not only going to give away books, but also many other random stuffs ;))

And that is it for this month's book haul, it's not that much isn't it? (in denial mode) ㅋㅋ But yeah, this time I won't be saying that I wouldn't buy any more books next month. Because it's almost Christmasss! And it means I can spoil myself with books! And as I've said earlier, I will be preparing a Christmas Giveaway next month, hopefully it will bring joy and happiness for everyonee :))) Okay, bye!
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