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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love For the New Books ♥


 it's been a while since i last updated my book shopping! sharing my book shopping experience has always been a happy time for me ;) the pictures above show pictures of the books i got this week :) some i got at the bookstore, and some from's package. from, i got 2 books which are personally autographed by the authors, which made me really happy even though it took quite some time :) most of the books i got are published by GagasMedia which are recently released; and the book covers never fails to arouse my curiousity. there's also Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk; a book which gains a lot of attention and was adapted into a movie; so i thought the book must've been great! here's the list of my new books:

1. Joker: Ada Lelucon di Setiap Duka by Valiant Budi
2. Rumah Lentera by Neni Dahar
3. Jatuh Cinta by Jevo Jett
4. Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk by Ahmad Tohari
5. Unforgettable by Winna Efendi
6. Beautiful Mistake by Sefryana Khairil & Prisca Primasari
7. Believe by Morra Quatro

the picture above shows the autographs of the authors :) i've read most of Winna Efendi & Sefryana Khairil's work, and both are really talented writers. although i've only read Prisca Primasari's work once before, i think she's great as well. :)

i have to say that my reading progress will be quite slow these days; since i'm pretty much caught up with my college assignments which are adding up into higher piles everyday :'< i will still keep reading everyday, but i might only have about 1 or 2 hours to read. which is of course very sad. but i will still keep up and update reviews on the blog as soon as i finish.
i miss the holidays alreadyㅠ please pray good luck for me & my assignments!

bye for now ;)
ლ( ◕◡ ◕ ლ)


  1. stefanie, aku suka jalan2 diblog kamu. eye catching banget ^^


  2. Hiiiyaaa belanja buku lagi dia *sama aja sama aku* hehehe.. Aku jg kmaren2 baru beli ronggeng dukuh paruk tapi belom dibaca.. Antrian masi banyak ;p

    1. hahahaha ngga tahan klo ngga belanjaa ;P
      aku jg masih belum baca sih, mgkn Maret .. :D


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