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Friday, January 6, 2012

100th post & 5000th pageviews

**** this post marks my 100th post & 5000th pageviews! ****

it was last November when i posted my 1000th pageviews post. and now when it's only January when i posted my 5000th pageviews!

i am very thankful for BBI (Blogger Buku Indonesia); a happy community for indonesian book bloggers. i think without BBI, i won't be able to accomplish what i do now. thank you for providing a place/community that i really enjoy being in. i'm also thankful to fellow mates in BBI, all the wonderful book bloggers. to me, everyone in BBI is an inspiration; a form of encouragement for me to keep reading and writing :) keep reading everyone ;*

i also want to thank my followers and the many visitors who have spent their time visiting my blog.
i'm also wondering about some changes in my blog :\ i've been writing this blog in two languages: Indonesian for indonesian book reviews; and English for english book reviews. i was thinking;
should i change the language to all indonesian? :\
if you have any suggestions, i'll be glad to read them on the comments below :)

as a form of thanks to all my visitors, i will be doing a Free Book Giveaway!
this Giveaway contest will open around mid-January.



  1. Horeee!! Selamat yaa sudah sampai 5000 pageviews.. :)

  2. salam kenal. Pengen comment di blog ini tapi aksesnya susah klo dr BB :D

    Uhmm...sebagai pembaca setia, aku vote utk tetap dalam 2 bahasa aja kyk sekarang

  3. @A.S Dewi: salam kenall :D terimakasih sudah jdi pembaca setiaa..
    sarannya diterima ;) makasiihhh :*


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