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Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 5 Book Boyfriends in 2011

today, is posting day for Top 5 Book Boyfriends in 2011. this is trending in BBI,
so i guess i'll choose my own Top 5 Book Boyfriends ;) i didn't read much in 2011, only a bit more than 70 books. so i don't really have much to choose from :\ but i'll try my best and pick this year's Top 5 Book Boyfriends :) before going on to the list, i'm sharing a new song by Jason Mraz, titled I Won't Give up.
i think this song is quite suitable to accompany this post :) play it while reading if you're interested ;)

so here's the list!

 1. Peeta Mellark
The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

Peeta definitely had my attention in 2011. when i'm posting this, the first name that came to mind is his name. the sweet baker boy from The Hunger Games series, who fell in love with Katniss since he was 5! he's such a sweet talker and how he love Katniss is sooo adorable. i really don't understand why Katniss has much difficulty choosing between Peeta and Gale. Peeta, i love you! congratulations, you're my number 1 best book boyfriend this year *smooch* :* now please bake me a cake ;)

 2. Niko Fareli
1000 Musim Mengejar Bintang by Charon

my second best would be Niko from 1000 Musim Mengejar Bintang. there are many reasons why i choose him as one of my best boyfriends. first, he is a guy who is determined to reach and fulfill his dream. i think that's very admirable. and in romance, he's very persistent. he doesn't give up easily; even though Laura rejected him numerous times. like i said in my review, this book makes me wonder, is there a guy like Niko in real life? :)

 3. Luke Brandon
Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella

he's the guy from the chicklit series: Shopaholic. Luke is the one super-guy who can manage to withstand Becky Bloomwood. i think he's praiseworthy because he understands Becky so well; like when she's keeping a secret wallet. and in Shopaholic & Baby, Luke has become really sweet and much more loving towards Becky. i would be very grateful if i had a boyfriend (or even a husband) like him.

 4. Andrius Arvydas
Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

Andrius is a very memorable character from the book Between Shades of Gray. besides being handsome, his courageous trait also makes him a very attractive character. how he sacrifices many things to help others; how he showed his love towards Lina. i also think that Andrius is a very dependable boy during the difficult times in the story. i think that's the reason why he's on this list :')

 5. Eddie
The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

i know that Eddie's very old, he even died already. lol. :P but i learned so many things from Eddie; i guess that's how i want a boyfriend, to be able to teach me new things and making me a better person :) i also really admire his relationship with his wife: Marguerite. as any other relationships in real life, they have ups and downs. but judging from Eddie's meeting with Marguerite in heaven, i sure know how much he loves her. and that makes him number 5 best book boyfriends in 2011 ;)

well, that's it for the list ;) i hope i'll be able to give more awards list next time :)


  1. agree with Peeta!!! sweetie pie, as sweet as his bread =D btw, hampir pilih Luke Brandon juga, tapi hmm agak ngga rela karna lagi sebel sama Becky di buku mini shopaholic, hihihi

  2. Eh, Eddie?? Ini baru kejutan, gak kepikir akan ada yg masukin dia. Luke juga sense of humournya OK ya?

  3. Aku suka Andrius. Walau awalnya ngeselin tapi belakangan dia jadi baik banget ma Lina dan keluarganya.

  4. yang aku tahu cuma Peeta sama Luke, hehe. Iya Luke ini sabar banget yah walau cuma nonton filmnya sih (nggak terlalu suka chicklit, hehe). Peeta, aku juga suka cuman tahun ini cuma baca ulang jadi kalau tahun 2010 pasti dia masuk kategori :))

  5. @astrid: hahahahaa :D Peetaa ♥♥ iy emang Becky nyebelin bangett, makany ak salut koq Luke bisa tahan jdi suaminya ;P hahahhaa :D

    @Fanda: soalny pilihanny nggak banyak sih taun ini :P hihihih iya Luke jg lucuu :D

    @Aleetha: iyaa, ternyata charming banget si Andrius ♥♥

    @Peri Hutan: hihihi :D di bukunya jauh lebi sabar & pengertian bangett :D Peeta forever! hahaha :D

  6. wah, yang aku kenal cuma Peeta sama Luke, nih. hoohohh.. :p

  7. @orybun: ayo kenalan sm yg laen ;) hihihi


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