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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 2015: Book Haul


Ummm... so... I guess my Christmas mood is still lingering because I don't know why this month I kept buying new books. There's just something very satisfying about making a book purchase. Do you know what I mean, book hoarders out there? I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way. This month I acquired a total of 11 books (so far), 3 non-fiction books, and the rest are fiction which includes 5 Indonesian books and 3 English ones. I have read 4 books from this pile, so I will include the links to my reviews as well :)) Here are the pretty books!


I didn't plan on buying this book, it's just one of those impulsive buy when I visit Gramedia bookstore with my Mom. What grabbed my attention was the beautiful cover; and thankfully there's an opened copy on display so I can browse through. Basically it's a book about infographic and how powerful it can be if presented correctly. I think this will be a good book, which I can read from time to time. I'm really loving the graphics & illustrations inside :)))

Got this one at Periplus bookstore when I was browsing (again). I fell in love with it the moment I flip the pages inside, because it's full of wonderful quotes for 365 days. I love quotes, and I think this will be a good companion for me after I read Wonder by R.J. Palacio—which I'm planning to read this year :))

Originally, I wasn't planning on getting this book as well—but then I read quite a lot of people liked it and even gave good ratings. So I thought I'd give it a try, even though the book is so expensive. Bought this at Gramedia bookstore as well. Read and reviewed it already :)

Pre-ordered this one from, because then I can get the signed copy. Read this one as well; so you can check out my review to find out my opinion on this book :))

Again, didn't plan on getting this one.....but that cover. Loving that pretty typography cover. I bought this at Gramedia bookstore, but unfortunately still haven't read it yet. It's a collection of short stories. Maybe I'll get to it after I'm finished with The Heroes of Olympus series.

I needed to get this the day it was published, because Hai, Miiko! is the only manga that I'm still following until now. It's quite thin, but I love the stories inside. I already read this manga, but only wrote a short Goodreads review.

Penerbit Haru sent me this book for January, and I was pretty excited because the book is currently adapted into a Chinese-drama. I've read and reviewed this book, also I'm holding a signed-copy giveaway for this book here.

I fell in love with the cover, again! This time Puffin Books released a Puffin Chalk edition for classics in children's literature. Peter Pan has been in my wishlist for quite some time, so hopefully I can get to this one soon! :))

Another one from the Puffin Chalk edition; this one I solely bought for the cover, and because it's not too expensive as well. The story is considered a classic, and I hope I'll like this one :))

I think the author herself sent me this book, because I suddenly received it in the mail out of nowhere. This book was actually released back in 2013; and I have no idea what it's going to be about. Not sure when I'll get to it though.

The last one is a book I purchased from Amazon. Yes, I finally made a purchase again on Amazon after a long time, because this book is cheaper there (even with shipping fee) compared to Book Depository. I actually planned on writing an online bookstore review for Amazon, but forgot because I was too excited to open the package.... So maybe next time. This book is a book about script lettering, which I'm interested in recently. There are a lot of great references in the book to give inspirations :))

To be honest, I'm actually still expecting several more packages to arrive as I'm writing this post (on January 24th) ; but I guess I will include those in my next book haul. New books gives me happiness, and it's important to be happy right? :D Have you read the books that I included in my haul? And do you make any book purchase this month? :) Feel free to comment down below and share your thoughts ;))
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  1. yes, I feel you stef. I'm also satisfied after make a book purchase although I know I will probably not read the book immediately. and may I ask where did you buy the Peter Pan and Pippi Longstocking? It's so pretty!

    1. Totally agree with you on that. I want to read everything immediately, but there's just not enough time! :D I got them from Book Depository, just search Puffin Chalk and all the books will be listed ;))

  2. Keren-keren ni bukunya Stefanie.
    Nunggu review tentang Amazon :)

    1. Thank you! Semoga bulan depan bisa di-publish postnya :D

  3. Oh My God, I'm kinda weak for pretty covers! XD
    And ironically, it's pretty common these days for new author to get fancy covers. Well, I don't know how the book really is but it just switches my attention sometimes ;) I got focus on the cover instead of the story inside LOL! :p

    Anywaaayy, belum ada 1 buku pun dari haul ini yang aku baca hehehe Tapi tertarik sama Infografis, definitely a must have for graphic junkie >.<!

    However, I did make a purchase this month though not as many as yours ;) Here's mine:

    1. Me too! I'm so weak for beautiful covers XD I visited both of your blogs, love them both :D

  4. Duh, kepengen banget nih koala kumalnyaaa. Nice info sist ^^

    1. Ayo dibelii ;)) Makasih juga udh berkunjung ya :D

  5. Hai salam kenal :)
    Iya aku jug tau banget gimana rasanya pas habis beli buku baru. Hehe.
    Dari yg ada di atas cuma punya hai miiko dan juga sudah baca
    baca. Sama, manga yang masih diikutin cuma satu ini.
    Peter pan sama pippi longstocking covernya bagus banget! Jadi kangen cerita pippi. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hai salam kenal juga! :D
      Iya emg covernya Peter Pan & Pippi Longstocking yg edisi Puffin Chalk bagus banget ;D Semoga bs segera aku baca ;)) Thanks for visiting!

  6. I wish I have endless money so I can buy as many books as I want :p btw, a good choice, kak! *ngomong ala mbak-mbak restoran pizza*

    1. Me too! But I guess who doesn't want endless money ? XD


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