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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

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This topic is actually last week's topic for Top 10 Tuesdays, and the topic is to choose Top Ten Books I Want to Reread. I am actually not the type of person who reread books, because I would feel guilty since I still have a mountain of books in my TBR pile. However, I do have a bunch of books I wouldn't mind rereading if I have the time and opportunity to do so. So here's the list of books that I want to reread, in no particular order ;))

477725 The Last Lecture
My first choice is Life of Pi, a book that mesmerized and haunted me with the scenes of Pi together with Richard Parker. I would totally reread this amazing book and wouldn't mind experiencing that story once again. And this book also has a lot of good philosophy in it, which I really liked. Second choice goes to The Last Lecture, a non-fiction book that I hold very dearly in my heart because of the author's intention in writing it. It's a very inspirational book for me that reminded me about many important things in life. I did actually planned to reread it someday, but I might have a hard time finding time to do it. I wish I could though :(
6900 3431
And talking about reread, Mitch Albom's books is a MUST for me. I can still remember the hangover I felt after reading Mitch Albom's books, especially these two which I read in 2009/2010. Tuesdays With Morrie is a non-fiction book full of great life lessons as well, and it's the first book that made me fell in love with Mitch Albom's writing. And The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a book that gave me chills because of how wonderful it was. I just want to reread these, really.
1656001 3
The Host is actually a book by Stephenie Meyer that I really really love, and not the Twilight Saga. This thick book made me stayed up until dawn just so I could finish it; and it's pretty rare because I always treasure my sleep time. It's a very exciting read, with intense-thrilling scenes, and also adorable romance. I loved Ian's character in the book, and I wouldn't mind rereading this book just so I could meet his character again ;)) (*on a side note, the movie adaptation was really disappointing though). And next is Harry Potter. Does this need further explanation? Who wouldn't want to reread Harry Potter? I would totally go back into Hogwarts world again and again if I don't have that mountain of TBR pile.
6676603 6186357
I was chatting with my friends the other day, mostly talking about the Heroes of Olympus series that I haven't read yet, and we also came across the topic of Percy Jackson (because he's in that series as well). And I was reminded by how much I enjoyed reading the Percy Jackson series. It was fun, action-packed, and just plain entertaining read. The Maze Runner series was also a very thrilling read, and action-packed as well. If I can reread, I would get back into these two worlds, and meet up again with my favorite characters. Percy ♥ Minho ♥
The last two on this list will be Indonesian books; because there are quite a few that I actually want to reread, but these two are at the top I think (as for now). 2, is very phenomenal book for me, personally. Some people didn't like it, but it's totally the kind of book that I love. It's emotional, heart-wrenching, funny, and also taught me a lot of things through the story. Wouldn't mind spending my time rereading this thick book. And my last choice is actually pretty simple if compared to the other books, because it's a romance fiction story that I came across so many times already. But the way the story's written is just so beautiful, and I think it will be nice to experience that beautiful love story for the second time.

So those are my choices for the Top Ten Books I Want to Reread. As I'm writing this post, the urge to reread this book is sooo big; but then I'm reminded by the amount of my TBR books... If only I could read 5 books in a day. Do you have any books you really want to reread? Or are you the type of person who usually reread books? ;) Feel free to share your thoughts or make your own post on this topic. You can also share your link to the post so I can check it out ;) Bye!

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  1. Aku nggak akan keberatan kalo disuruh re-read The Host! (ketjup Ian) xD


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