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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello to March and New Books.


Does anyone realize how fast time goes by? It's March already, the third month of this year. I've started my 6th semester in uni early February; the whole month is full of pressure, assignments, and definitely hard work. Besides that, there are tons of other assignments and responsibilities I have to complete. I really do hope, March will be good to me. At least, please give me a short break to empty my brain for a while. But all those business really doesn't interfere with my book shopping - because now I mostly got my books online; so it's just a matter of clicks on the internet. Hopefully I will still be able to keep up with review writing in the midst of all these works. Here are some new books I've got lately :)

I've recently bought these books (the English ones I ordered some time ago, and just arrived). I am most excited with Just One Day and Warm Bodies! I've been a big fan of Gayle Forman since I read If I Stay and the sequel When She Went. So when this book comes out, I directly purchased it online on For Warm Bodies, I guess a lot of people would know, this book recently got adapted into a movie starring Nicholas Hoult. There are lots of good reviews about this book; so I'm really anticipating it! Thinking about watching the movie after I finished reading; hopefully it's not too scary with all the zombie thing. As for the last pictures, my most recent book-shopping, I bought out of curiosity, because Cerita Cinta Enrico got nominated in Festival Pembaca Indonesia 2012. So I also bought the other two books related with that one. And here's the list with goodreads links for you to check the book summary, reviews, etc :))

8. Si Parasit Lajang by Ayu Utami
9. Cerita Cinta Enrico by Ayu Utami
10. Pengakuan Eks Parasit Lajang by Ayu Utami
11. Republik #Jancukers by Sujiwo Tejo

*didn't take picture of the last one, because the title itself sounds a bit harsh.
but nevertheless, the book looks interesting, judging from the blurb :)

Anddd recently, one of my favorite authors, Tere Liye, announced that he will be publishing a new book late March or early April! The title of the book: Negeri di Ujung Tanduk, is somehow similar to his latest book Negeri Para Bedebah - which is my favorite book. The author said this new book is the sequel to the previous book, so YES i'm excited! I am also super loving the cover; although not as rough as the last book, it seems to deliver a similar message to the readers. I will most definitely be posting the book review when I get my hands on this book :)


I guessss that's all for the early March report; I hope everyone is doing well with their lives - and don't forget: keep reading! A little hint, I'm having my birthday in April, so everyone can anticipate a big giveaway next month. Bye!

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  1. Whiiii banyak!!
    Biasa beli buku online di mana Stef?

    1. hihih xD
      aku klo buku lokal beli d
      klo buku luar biasanya d bookdepo :D

  2. Wow... ^o^ Banyak amat buku barunya, kak...

  3. waaah, aku jadi tertarik beli bukunya ayu utami nih :) dan aku juga gak sabar nunggu buku terbarunya tere liye. Ditunggu resensi mu ;)


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