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Monday, September 14, 2015

Book Review: Marmalade Boy Little 1 by Wataru Yoshizumi

BOOK review
Started on: 3.September.2015
Finished on: 4.September.2015

Title : Marmalade Boy Little 1
Author : Wataru Yoshizumi
Publisher : Shueisha
Pages :  176 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication : 2013

Rating: 4/5
*might contain some minor spoilers.

Marmalade Boy Little sets 13-years after the events of the previous manga series, Marmalade Boy. The story focuses on the lives of Rikka Matsuura and Saku Koishikawa who has been living under the same roof despite being born from different parents. They're both half-sister and half-brother of Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsuura because of their parents' complicated state. Rikka and Saku finally started their first year of middle school. Rikka was charmed by a boy named  Aoi Namura, who lent her an umbrella. And a really cute girl called Sasamiya Rena is clearly showing her interest towards Saku. However, Rikka was completely baffled when Saku suddenly confessed his feelings. And Rena decided to cooperate with Rikka so each of them can get closer to the boy they like; even though things might not go as they had planned.

I was really excited when my friend told me that there's a continuation of the Marmalade Boy manga series, because it was one of my favorite mangas when I was still back in school. For those of you who're not familiar or haven't read Marmalade Boy, you can still read Marmalade Boy Little without any trouble because the story starts off by introducing the complicated family tree and the relations between each characters that appeared in Marmalade Boy. The main plot itself is actually pretty cliche—it's something that I've seen numerous times in other manga series before. But I can't deny that even with such a cliche plot, I still find this manga very cute and adorable. Managed to make me giggle like a stupid person in front of my computer. I think Wataru Yoshizumi's art style also played a huge part in making me enjoy this book, because her drawing is super cute! The emotions in each characters are well-drawn as well. And even though this series focuses more on Rikka and Saku's story, I'm really glad the author decided to also add some side plots with Marmalade Boy's characters—which takes on a more serious conflict since they're older now. Of course I'm not going to spoil the plot in detail, so I'm going to discuss more on the characters :))

I can't deny the fact that Saku Koishikawa has officially become my favorite character in this book. He's only a 12-year-old boy but he acts so mature! I love how he's so expressionless and seems very cool. He's pretty charming as well since he's very straight-forward with his feelings. His sudden confession just made me laugh so hard, because who confessed his feelings with such a bland expression. LOL. I'm definitely looking forward to what he's going to do next.

Our other main character, Rikka Matsuura, is absolutely adorable! She also made me laugh several times because of her reactions. Compared to Saku, she's a lot more innocent. And since she's innocent and young, of course she'll fell in love with Aoi Namura who only lent her an umbrella once. Isn't that so typical of manga female characters? And Aoi is also the typical kind boy with good grades. But there's a revelation about Aoi that I think will definitely change a lot of things.

I'm also very happy that we get to see Miki and Yuu who've gotten much older now and is also facing their own conflict. Miki showed up quite a bit in this volume because she's consoling Rikka in her complicated situation. Other characters from Marmalade Boy also includes Ginta Suou, who's now Rikka and Saku's teacher, and also Meiko Akizuki—Aoi's mother. Even though they're just side characters, I'm curious to see how their lives will progress as well.

To be completely honest, I would've given this book a 5/5 if it's only based on my enjoyment; but I had to admit the story is pretty cliche, that's why I ended up rating this book 4/5. Marmalade Boy Little is a manga series that's easy to enjoy and is perfect for light reading. I will definitely following this manga series because I need more Saku's expressionless face in my life. And of course, I can never get enough of Wataru Yoshizumi's cute drawing style. Anyone else interested in reading this manga series? ;)
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