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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Movie Adaptation Review: The Longest Ride

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MOVIE ADAPTATION of The Longest Ride
Love requires sacrifice, always.
OH GOSH, I still can't get over at how attractive Scott Eastwood is in this movie! ♥♥♥ I was never into cowboys before (and I also mentioned in my book review that I couldn't love Luke Collins in the book enough because he's a cowboy), but I won't say no to a cowboy that looks like him. Anyways, back to the movie adaptation! For once, I will say that I actually liked the movie adaptation a little bit more than the book. No, not only because of Scott Eastwood, but I feel like the story flowed a bit better in the movie. It's a classic romance story that you'll always get whenever you watch a Nicholas Sparks' movie adaptation. Okay, so here's my non-spoiling review for the movie adaptation of The Longest Ride :))
“The day my life changed forever was the day I first saw you.”
The story starts with Luke Collins, a professional bull rider who got severely injured during a competition. But a year later, he still joins another competition—and that's where she met Sophia Danko, a girl in college who's currently chasing her dream to work in a gallery in New York. The two come from such different worlds but Sophia took the chance and went on a date with Luke. And on that date, they both saved an old-man who's in an accident; a man named Ira Levinson. Sophia kept visiting Ira and helped him read his old letters to Ira's late wife, Ruth. As Luke and Sophia started to fall in love, they both struggles to fit in each other's worlds. And coincidentally, the story told through Ira's letters seems to interweave with their love story.

There are of course some differences between the book and the movie adaptation; but of course the main story remained the same. Some parts of the story are altered to fit the limited amount of the time, but despite the differences and changes, the movie adaptation managed to deliver the same message and emotions as the book did. Even though the book had a lot more details related with the characters, I had no complains about these changes in the movie adaptation and still enjoyed it nevertheless.
"I just want you to be happy, even if that 'happy' doesn't include me anymore."
Now let's talk about the characters, because I love them so much—especially the sweet chemistry between Luke and Sophia. Britt Robertson is so adorable and I think she portrayed Sophia's character perfectly. I love how her character is down-to-earth and is just a really nice person. Britt Robertson looks really pretty too in this movie. And Scott Eastwood... now whenever I think or imagine a cowboy, I will definitely think of him. He's the perfect guy to portray Luke Collins. And if I ever re-read The Longest Ride, I think I will absolutely fall in love with his character a lot more than I did before. Basically, Scott Eastwood kind of changed my perspective about cowboys. I love how Luke always wear casual clothing (like flannels or plain t-shirts) but still look so strikingly handsome. And that smile of his... gosh. I think I finally found an actor whose smile is more beautiful than Sam Claflin's. Like I've said earlier, I adore their chemistry and how they look so comfortable around each other—I ship them so hard while watching this movie.

As for Ira's character is portrayed by two different people: Jack Huston as the young Ira and Alan Alda as the old one. As much as I love Luke and Sophia, it was actually Ira and Ruth's love story that got me emotional and teared up a little bitwhich also happens when I read the book. I'm really glad the movie adaptation did an extremely well job at portraying how deeply Ira loves Ruth; and what they both had to sacrifice for their love. It's definitely a beautiful and heart-wrenching love story :') <3

I have quite a few favorite scenes in this movie (although to be quite honest, every scene with Scott Eastwood in it can easily be my favorite). The first one will have to be Luke and Sophia's first date. I was giggling when Luke picked Sophia up at her sorority house with his cowboy fashion while holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands. It's a very casual date, they had a simple dinner next to the lake and chatted until late at night. And Luke had me giggling again when he asked Sophia's nail polish color (even though she's not wearing one) just so he can have a reason to hold her hand. Awww. You're too cute, Luke. And the scene when Ira decided to let Ruth go because she seems unhappy with him is also one of my favorites :') It's so heartbreaking yet I can feel that Ira's love for Ruth is so deep to the point where he could sacrifice his own happiness for her. That scene successfully made me teared up a little bit.

Oh, and the photobooth scene is too adorable! I absolutely love Luke's expression in it (which you can also see from the series of gifs below). The ending was pretty sweet too; especially Luke's final bull riding scene and when Luke went to the auction. I probably have a few more but I'm not going to spoil things too much for those who haven't seen the movie or read the book yet.
"We come from such different worlds but I've never felt this way about anybody. No one has ever done anything like this for me before."
The Longest Ride might not be my favorite Nicholas Sparks' book, but the movie adaptation is definitely one of my favorites out of all that I've seen so far. The story is more or less the same but somehow I find myself enjoying the movie adaptation a bit more than the bookwhich rarely happens to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie from start to finish; it's sweet, heartbreaking and also heartwarming at the same time. The movie is easy to watch and suitable for those who love romantic movies. You'll also get to see Scott Eastwood butt naked as a bonus ;) All in all, I'm thoroughly satisfied and I'm definitely looking forward to watching more Nicholas Sparks' movie adaptations in the future :)

And let's take one last look at Scott Eastwood, because he's a precious human being.
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  1. I like this movie too! But, I prefer Ira Ruth's scenes. Because I think their conversation are always sweet with lots of sweet things and I found out some sweet quotes too. Especially, when Ira let Ruth go and said: I love you and I want you to be happy even I was not in your happiness ( not exactly, but it's the point)

  2. I love Ruth and Ira's scenes too; and those are the ones that made me teared up :'))


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