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Monday, November 30, 2015

Movie Adaptation Review: Mockingjay Part 2

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MOVIE ADAPTATION of Mockingjay Part 2
"Anybody can kill anybody, even a President.
You just have to be willing to sacrifice yourself."
The final conclusion of the Hunger Games franchise is finally here, and I'm so happy because I was able to drag someone to watch this with me at the theater XD. Even though there are mixed responses towards this movie, I'm thoroughly satisfied with how the whole story wraps up at the end. Despite the differences between the book and the movie, I absolutely love everything from beginning to end. It was so intense I kept fiddling with my wrists. Anyway, here's my review for the movie adaptation of Mockingjay Part 2—hopefully I won't spoil too much :)

"Our lives were never ours, they belong to Snow and our deaths too.
But if you kill him, Katniss, all those deaths, they mean something."
Continuing from the previous movie, Katniss is still recovering after what Peeta did to her. Seeing how broken Peeta is, Katniss is determined to kill President Snow herself. However, President Coin doesn't approve in fear of getting Katniss killed, since she wanted to keep Katniss as the symbol of their revolution. But that doesn't stop Katniss from sneaking out and joining the rest of the rebels at the Capitol. Katniss and her squad depended on a holographic map called the Holo to avoid pods—deadly traps created by Gamemakers—that can be found throughout the streets of the Capitol. Katniss then discovered that President Coin sees her as a threat to her power. And the war that's happening can only lead to more deaths and destruction.

As expected, the second part of the Mockingjay movie is full-on war time. Even though I don't remember much about the book (because I read it back in 2011), I do remember slightly the major plot points. I know the movie slightly changed the way the story progressed, but I'm still thoroughly satisfied because the movie plot delivered the story in its' own way. Which is a really good thing, because then people who don't read the book (or forget about them like I did) can still get the whole story and the message behind it clearly :)
"Tonight... turn your weapons to the Capitol. Turn your weapons... to Snow."
As always, Jennifer Lawrence did an excellent job as Katniss Everdeen. I absolutely loved how she expressed her raw emotions after what Katniss went through in this movie. Her anger and despair is displayed in the best way possible, making the audience able to relate with what the character's feeling or going through. I'm also very happy because Peeta Mellark showed up quite a lot in this movie (since he's mostly absent in the previous one). I've always loved his character and Josh Hutcherson just makes everything more perfect. His acting is incredible in this movie. Peeta is still in a conflicted mess after being brainwashed by President Snow and he acted it out really well. For those of you who loves Gale Hawthorne (played by Liam Hemsworth), he also has quite a lot of scenes since he's with Katniss most of the time.

Aside from the usual main characters, I totally adore Natalie Dormer who played as Cressida. Although I don't remember her much from the book, I think she's such a bad-ass character in the movie. And of course, how can I not talk about Finnick Odair (played by Sam Claflin). He looks stunning as usual with that beautiful smile and I love his action sequence in this movie :) Julianne Moore also did a fantastic job portraying President Alma Coin's character. I already knew what's going to happen to her at the end, but I'm sure it will be a surprising plot twist to those who haven't read the book :)

I have quite a lot of favorite scenes from this movie. The first one will be the moment when Katniss joined the rebels at the Capitol. When they realized Katniss joined them, one by one started to raise their hands and help up the three-finger sign. I don't know why the three-finger sign always choke me up and gave me chills. It's a beautiful sign of unity :') My next favorite will have to be the underground (or sewers) scene, which is super intense and kept me at the edge of my seat. The action sequence in this part is really intense and it felt like everything happened so quickly. The best part might be the scene in which they fought against mutts (genetically-engineered creatures). Katniss gets to show off her amazing archery skills and she looks really cool as always. And of course I won't forget my favorite part from the book, which is the 'real or not real' scenes. It was less emotional in the movie but I still love it nevertheless. I love how Katniss answered each of Peeta's questions sincerely and at the same time feeling heartbroken to see how Peeta is so unsure with himself.

Lastly, I also love the ending of this movie. It is indeed bittersweet, but I'm glad the movie pretty much stayed true to the original story. The movie displayed how war can only bring misery no matter who wins at the end. And Katniss' final words at the end of the movie is really sad. It's like she'll never be able to completely forget the nightmare that has happened to her in the past. All the lives lost are irretrievable and trying to cope with that situation will be incredibly difficult.

"Did you have a nightmare? I have nightmares too. Someday I'll explain it to you. Why they came. Why they won't ever go away. But I'll tell you how I survive it. I make a list in my head. Of all the good things I've seen someone do. Every little thing I could remember. It's like a game I do it over and over. Gets a little tedious after all these years, but... There are much worse games to play..."
In the end, I really enjoyed this movie and how everything ended. I thought I remembered all the deaths that will happen in this movie, but I was wrong. There's one that caught me by surprise and it made me really sad :'( Like I said earlier, I can't compare too much between the book and the movie because my memory of the original story is vague already. But I'll say that I consider Francis Lawrence successful in bringing The Hunger Games trilogy come to life. Mockingjay is actually my least favorite book in the series but the movie adaptation kind of changed that a little bit. It's been a wonderful and epic journey watching The Hunger Games movie adaptations since 2012. I know I'll miss these amazing characters (Peeta Mellark, especially), but they will definitely stay in my heart forever :') ♥

And here's my final reaction to the end of The Hunger Games franchise :')

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  1. Ya, bagian paling sedih adalah saat katniss menjawab pertanyaan2 peeta dan melihat betapa sedihnya katniss karena ketidakpastian diwajah peeta bikin aku jadi pengin nangis :'(

  2. Aaaakk belum nonton dan udah kebayang aja dari review ini. *celingak-celinguk nyari orang buat ditarik ke bioskop*

  3. Ah, kalo aku justru agak kecewa sama part 2 ini. Entah kenapa rasanya si karakter si katniss kurang greget disini. Kalo di bukunya, aku berasa si Katniss kan mulai jadi agak "terganggu" jiwanya, tapi di fil, she looks totally fine, cuma dijelasin pake 3-4 baris kalimat di bagian penutupnya. Huuuu. Trus yang nyebelin lagi, porsi si Gale lebih banyak dari yg seharusnya, padahal ga penting banget, jadi kesannya bumbu cinta-cintaannya di lebai-in dikit. Ah, tapi ini cuma pendapat pribadi. :')

    1. Hahaha iya aku jg setuju sama bumbu cinta-nya yg terlalu dilebihin di filmnya XD Emg banyak jg yg kurang puas sm endingnya ini, tp ak overall msh enjoy sih :D


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