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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Habits

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Here we are again with another Top 5 Wednesday post! This week's topic is about my Top 5 Bookish Habits. I think I mentioned about my bookish/reading habits quite a lot in this blog; I mentioned several when I joined the 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge, a little bit in my A to Z Bookish Survey post, and also some in my Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have. So this time, I will try my best to mention something new that I never mentioned before (even though I think I have mentioned everything I could think of in the past). And here's my list of bookish habits! :)

Hoping for a different ending.
This doesn't happen very often, but there are times when I'm not satisfied with the way a book ended. I kind of had an expectation as to how the book will end when I'm close to finishing it. When the ending falls short of my expectation, sometimes it disappoints meand it definitely affects my rating as well.
When I ordered a book from the online store, I just keep ordering more and more...
As for this habit, it happens every single time I open Book Depository. The wishlist section in my account just gets more and more pages because I added so many books in there. And when I decided to buy one book, I cannot stop myself from clicking more and adding books to the shopping cart... That's why this month I'm sort of stopping myself from checking out that site.... ㅠㅠ
Major sleeping disorder because of books.
These days I've been trying to sleep earlier because I have to wake up early for work; but when a book successfully got me hooked, it's always difficult for me to put it down. However, I always try to sleep before midnightor I might oversleep the next day, which is not cool.
Fell to deeply in love with fictional characters.
Happened to many times before. Percy Jackson. Augustus Waters. Minho. Peeta Mellark. And I guess there are still many more that I can't remember right now. These fictional characters literally made me fall head over heels for them. I wish I can really make any of them my boyfriend in real life ♥♥♥ And I absolutely love this quote below that is literally my feelings with these fictional characters.
“When reading, we don’t fall in love with the characters’ appearance. we fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their hearts. we fall in love with their souls.” Anonymous

Never satisfied with just one copy/edition of my favorite books.
And lastly, is something that I've probably mentioned in another post; which is my habit of owning more than one copy/edition of my favorite books. My friend always commented how it's a waste of money and that I can buy some other books instead of getting something I already have. I know that's true, but I just can't help it. And it's one of my worst bookish habits.

Those are five bookish habits that hopefully I haven't mentioned before. And of course, I would like to know what are some of your bookish habits? Don't forget to share your link if you decided to join this week's Top 5 Wednesday, or just mention your bookish habits in the comments below :) I'll be really happy knowing I'm not the only person with these bookish habits. I won't be joining the rest of March topics, but hopefully the topics in April will be a lot more interesting :D Bye now!
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  1. wkwkwk ada semua di aku tuh kak... esp point 2 and 3..
    Mungkin karena kalau beli online ngga kerasa menghabiskan uang secara "nyata", kali ya *nangis*

    1. Hahahha yayy! :D Iya mgkn karena ngga kerasa ngeluarin duit aslinya jd asal pesen aja xD

  2. Hollaa...No 2,3,and 4 samaaaa an apalagi kalo no 2 udah belanja klak klik klak klik aja apalagi kalo ada tulisan DISKON pas dilihat total melehi batas yang sudah ditetapkan >.< Baca pas mau tidur sama bgt tapi sekarang2 lagi jarang hehehe.. Suka ampe sesuka suka nya bahkan bikin punya Mr. Right yg kadang ketinggian gara2 jatuh cinta ama karakter Novel hahah

    1. Iya setujuu :D Diskon emg bikin tmbh semangat beli xD


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