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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2015

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Hello again! As we're nearing the end of the year, I think this topic by Top 10 Tuesday is perfect to welcome 2015. The topic to finish off the year is to list Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015, whether it's about bookish things, blogging, or otherwise. That's why I'm going to separate my goals/resolutions into 3 categories: the first one will be related with my reading goals, second will be my blogging resolutions, and lastly will be my daily life resolutions. Without further ado, here's my list of goals/resolutions for 2015.

❆ Bookish Goals/Resolutions ❆
1. Finish more series (read at least  3-5 series in 2015). This is quite related with #2, because I have so many series on my bookshelves that I haven't read. And I know lots of them are amazing! So I think I should list this reading goal to remind myself to read as many series as I can.
2. (As always) Tackling my mountain of TBR pile. Since I got myself a Kindle, the number of books in my TBR pile skyrocketed. It's good because I can save money at the same time, by not buying books that I already have e-books for. But there are still so MANY books to read.
3. Read more English books. Looking from my book reviews on this blog, I've read far more Indonesian/local books than English books. I want to read more English books, because there are (again) still so many amazing books I have yet to read. Hopefully I can read English books faster in 2015.
❆ Blogging Goals/Resolutions ❆
4. Join Personal Project 2015: Donate for Comments by Oky @ Kumpulan Sinopsis Buku. I just very recently discovered this project made by Oky (a BBI member as well), and I think it's a great idea. Basically, the people who joined in will count the comments they get on their blog in 2015, and multiply it by their decided amount of money (for example IDR 500 for each comment). And at the end of the year, the money will be used for good cause :)) Doesn't that sounds great? I'm really excited to do it.
5. Make a tutorial post. Many people have been sending messages, asking for a tutorial on making post banner/typographic banner. I've been planning to do it, but making a tutorial takes quite a lot of time. So hopefully I can accomplish this in 2015 :))
Life Goals/Resolutions
6. Work harder. After I graduated this October, I guess it's time to finally pull myself together and get serious with what I want to do in my future. For now, I have a bunch of works needed to be done in front of me; so I will focus on that for the time being.
7. Be more frugal—use money efficiently. As for this one, I'm not only talking about book-shopping; but also in buying other sorts of stuff. I feel like I have tried my best to limit my shopping in 2014, but I still need to do better in 2015. I'm going to buy only the things I need, and think more than 10 times before buying something that I want.
8. Exercise. To be honest, I'm seriously unfit and I don't like exercising. If exercising can come in the form of holding big books and reading it, I might enjoy it better. But I feel like as I got older, I also need to exercise to stay healthy. Hopefully I can check this one off the list in 2015.
9. Learn what I want to learn. I'm actually very interested in learning lots of new stuffs. This year I took a sewing class; and was actually planning to take a Korean lesson as well (but the schedules don't match). So I'm hoping I can enter a Korean class in 2015. I also want to join a cooking class; and I'm planning to learn pointed-pen calligraphy through an online course. My parents always told me to learn what I want to learn while I still have the capability and time to do it.
10. Be more organized. With everything, basically. I want to have a more organized schedule so I can be more productive each day. I also want a more organized room/office; so I can easily find the things I need. I can be really messy when I'm lazy to put things back in its' rightful place.

That's it for my goals/resolutions for 2015! I don't really want to aim for too much, because I fail my resolutions most of the time. But I hope I can accomplish them this year around. What about your goals/resolutions for 2015? You can share it with me in the comments below, or make your own post about it :)) Bye!

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  1. Great set of goals. The Kindle does NOT help with your TBR, does it? I have the same problem. Ha

  2. I'd love to take some books off my TBR, too. It's really long, but I end up adding more books as I cross others off the list, so it's a bit... redundant. It's cool that you're learning many languages, and I think taking a class and reading are great ways to do it. I'm trying to learn Korean, but so far I'm not the best speaker. (Translation: I'm pretty terrible at it). And on exercise, I would recommend running. I love to eat (yeah... haha), and I stay in shape mostly by running. I run a lot for sports, and running is great because no matter the speed, as long as you're trying, you get a good workout. But good luck with your goals, and I'm sure you'll accomplish them!:)

    1. I can totally sympathize with that! XD Thank you for your recommendation, hopefully I can try it out in 2015 :D

  3. Great goals. I'm also trying to tackle my TBR list. And yes, the kindle does not help with the TBR list, especially having kindle unlimited.

    Here's mine

  4. Great goals! You have a nice mix of reading, blogging, professional, and self-care. Happy New Year!

  5. Good list. :) I'd be keen to see your tutorial. And wouldn't it be nice to have a smaller TBR pile?

    1. Yes, it would be so nice to have a smaller TBR pile. It wouldn't be so intimidating xD

  6. Wah, penyakitnya sama, stef :) Saya juga kebanyakan beli buku, sekarang mencoba rem sedikit. Pengennya sih bisa tahan enam bulan nggak beli buku. Entah bisa apa tidak hihi...

    1. wowww, kalo aku sih ngga mgkn bisa tahan enam bulan ngga beli buku XD

  7. I'm looking foward to resolution number 5 from you Stef :D

  8.  I appreciate language learning experiences. The fact that i read so much, and so profoundly, demonstrates the high level of your English. 

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