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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Movie Adaptation Review: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

MOVIE ADAPTATION REVIEW of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Sadly, I haven't start reading the books from this series yet, so there's no book review I can share. This also means that I can't give a comparison between the movie and the book. But this could become a new experience for me, seeing the movie first and then read the book after that. When I'm finished with the book, I will definitely write the comparison in my book review. As for now, judging from the movie, I have to say The Mortal Instruments is definitely one absurd story. It's far from what I expected before seeing it. There are definitely surprises (or should I say plot twists?), but I didn't think that it was delivered well enough. And the romance... Oh please. But before you keep on reading, please keep in mind that this review is written based on the movie only - since I haven't read the book yet. So here's my non-spoiling review for the movie adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

First thing first. Because I didn't write a book review for this one, I will write a short summary of what this movie is about (not the book, of course). I'll write this roughly and as what I remembered (or get) from the movie. The story is about Clary (played by Lily Collins), who continuously draws a weird symbol everywhere she goes. Along with her friend Simon (played by Robert Sheehan), she went inside a bar where she sees the same symbol - although Simon couldn't see it. Inside that bar, Clary witnessed a murder - and she's also the only person who saw it. The next day, her mother disappeared. Their house was destroyed and Clary was attacked by a hideous monster. She was saved by that murderer from the bar, Jace (played by Jamie Campbell). Jace then revealed the fact that Clary's mother is a shadowhunter like him - who goes around hunting devils; and Clary has inherited that power as well. And so Clary played an important part in their mission to find the the Mortal Cup, one of the three Mortal Instruments. I'll stop at that point, so not to spoil anything important.

There's definitely a lot of confusion I had in this movie. The movie didn't really give a proper introduction to this other world where the Shadowhunters live. Everything seems to happen so suddenly and my mind couldn't really keep up with that. I know this will be different for people who already finished the book, because they know the whole plot beforehand. So my main problem about this movie, there's too many information to take in such a short time.

Several things that I want to complain about the movie: first is the loveline. For me, the romance happening between Clary and Jace happened too instantly. Secondly, I'm not really fond of Jace's character. Of course, I don't really know how his character is portrayed in the book, but there's not much to love about his character in the movie. He's just one strong and capable Shadowhunter, who's blonde and easy to get jealous (in terms of romance). Hopefully when I read this series, my fondness for Jace will increase. Another thing I don't like is how the flow of the movie is a bit unfocused. The first half is full of action and intensity; and then suddenly the scene change into a lovey-dovey situation (which seems extremely irrelevant at that moment. You have time for lovey-dovey? You'd better go off finishing your mission to find that mortal cup). It feels to me like the romance is a bit forced into the situation. Last important thing I want to complain: the first movie is titled City of Bones. But how come the City of Bones only appear on screen for less than 10 minutes, and it's not that important either? Well, I seriously need to read the book to understand.

So now let's talk about the good things of this movie. Lily Collins is my favorite, because she's so pretty. Although I think her character can be a little bit annoying - because she keeps messing up the situation. My other favorite characters would be Magnus Bane (played by Godfrey Gao) and Alec Lightwood (played by Kevin Zegers); even though both doesn't show up much in the movie. For me, both of them are much more good looking than Jace. Magnus Bane is a high warlock and has strong powers. And it's a total surprise to me knowing that Kevin Zegers is the one who played the boy with Airbud - the most popular Golden Retriever in 90s era. He surely grew up a lot, and has turned into a handsome man. There's a twist to his character that I won't say, so not to spoil anything (even though it doesn't really affect the plot). I also enjoyed the visual effects of the fight and all the monsters included.

But at the end, my opinion still stands; that this movie is not that awesome. The ending is absurd (and also the plot twist, which is very awkward - I wouldn't explain it here, because I don't want to spoil anything). The final battle with the enemy is not intense and it seems like they're just playing around instead of fighting the main villain. The movie ended the easy way, and they didn't give any hint on what's going to happen in the next movie adaptation. That doesn't make me anticipate the second movie for this series.

Even though I don't really like the overall of this movie, but City of Bones has given me lot of laughs. I watched this movie around last week with my friends. So while watching the movie, me and my friend kept commenting at the absurd things happening - and it's entertaining. We laughed a lot at the plot twists - because it's seriously unexpected. I feel like the movie didn't do justice to the book; because I heard the book is great. I'll make sure to read The Mortal Instruments series soon and post my thoughts about it. Anyone read the series and watched the movie? Give me your opinion about it :) Do you think the movie is as good as the book or is it not?

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  1. My friend once said, "Don't go watch it if you havent't read the book." i guess your review explains why. Thanks :) I won't bother to watch it 'til I get the book. But I'm wondering, is the lovey-dovey thing so much worse than twilight?

    1. hahahha xD i dont think the lovey-dovey part is worse than twilight. you should decide it yourself when you finally watch this movie ;D

  2. i can't take my eyes off of Jace! cuma menurutku ga sesuai dengan imajinasiku dari buku. dan of course bukunya lebih bagus daripada filmnya. film itu (definisi saya ya) pelengkap imajinasi/penggambaran kita mengenai bukunya. :D ayo dibaca novelnya kak stef!

    1. thanks for the opinion! jd semakin yakin buat baca bukunya :))

  3. I think 2 hours is not enough for putting all the things happening in one book. The book is 500++ pages. I have read the book and watched the movie. The movie is confusing for those who doesn't read the book. Only a glimpse of here and there, rushing scenes, action without so much of explanations.

    Same with you. I like Lily Collins, Godfrey Gao, and Kevin Zegers. Good for looking hehe...


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