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Friday, August 9, 2013

On Holiday: 8 - 19 August 2013.


Oh, yes. Finally I can have a proper holiday. By the time this post is released, I'm already in another country enjoying my holiday. So for almost two weeks there won't be any updates on this blog. But of course, I'm taking a book or two with me - hoping I could finish them during the holiday, and write the book review when I get back. For those who are also going on holidays, or maybe going back to your hometown, I wish everyone a safe trip! I hope you have tons of fun during the holidays :))

Soo, for this holiday, I'm going to South Korea! Yayyy! And because I'm with my family, I'm joining a tour to Seoul-Jeju Island-Nami Island (it's sad, because I actually want to go on an adventure with my standard Korean skill). But still I'm so happy! Even though I heard South Korea will be super hot this time arounda, as a korean fangirl it's a drem come true for me to visit Seoul. The tour starts on 8 August, and it ends on 14 August (sadly the first and last day are spent fully on the airplane). I am super excited because there are tons of things I want to try in South Korea, especially the foods! Although we have Korean restaurants here in Surabaya, I have to try the authentic and original taste.

I'm in South Korea for almost a week, and a day after that (15 August), I'm directly off to Singapore (because my parents need to go somewhere). Actually my college holiday isn't that long, so I sort of skipped three classes... sigh. But however, I will still have fun even when I've got assignments on my mind. There's not much to do in Singapore, because my parents doesn't like going to Universal Studios. So I'll probably just sit around somewhere with a book. Or even better, going to Kinokuniya for a day! I will definitely post my book-haul if I have the chance to go book-shopping.

Sooo, bba-bbai! Until the 20th! ;)

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