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Saturday, August 24, 2013

August: I'm Back!


Hi theree! I'm really sorry about the long hiatus, but now I'm finally back! I'm sorry too because I can't directly post a book review, since I just finished the book I'm currently reading; which is The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien. But I promise to write the review by next week (as well as the movie adaptation review, hopefully) :) After coming back from the holiday, I also have many things to take care of (such as college assignments which are lining up), so I'm still trying to get used with my daily life routine again. I hope everyone had a good holiday! In this post I'll share a bit of my holiday, and of course my book shopping update (thankfully it's not a lot.)

 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ First off, I'm sorry with my personal photos; because it turns out I didn't have much scenery pictures on my camera. Korea is just too hot this time around. I could probably say that there are times when the heat is worse than Indonesia. We visited many places - which are probably a mandatory when people came to Korea; but one of the most memorable places for me is this huge bookstore I found inside a mall in Myeongdong. I almost gave up my wish to buy a korean book, but it turns out my wish came true! It's called 영풍문고 (Youngpoong Bookstore / YP Books), and it's one of the major bookstores in Seoul (probably like Gramedia-scaled bookstore?). The bookstore is definitely hugeee, with plenty of shelves and book categories to look at. It's also really cute to see a lot of high school/college girls sitting on the stairs, browsing through books - like in dramas. ㅎㅎㅎ I didn't get a chance to take picture of the bookstore personally (because I was too busy being immersed in choosing books, of course). So here I took a picture from google-land :)

I got three books from YP Books, the first one title Point Story I got from a souvenir shop at Nami Island :). Point Story is a children book, with short phrases and English translation. I tried to challenge myself with the other three books. The first is titled 갈매기의 꿈, which translates into Seagull's Dream. And the other two is drama-turned-novels books. I got myself 응답하라1997 (Reply 1997), which is one of my favorite k-dramas and it makes me love Seo In-Guk. And the other one is 학교2013 (School 2013), a k-drama which I still haven't watched yet, but will soon :) I really hope there will come the day when I can read these books and understand them x)

The three Indonesian books are book packages I ordered from All are books I'm looking forward to read soon, and the reviews are definitely going to be up on this blog too :) While the three Korean lesson books I got from my trip to Singapore at Kinokuniya bookstore. Honestly, years ago when I made a trip to Kinokuniya, I would be like, crazily picking up books I want to get. But now since there's bookdepository, I try to look for books that I couldn't buy online. And because buying too much books can also make my baggage heavier. So I decided to buy these Korean lessons books for me to study by myself and improve my average Korean skills. I will come back to Korea one day, without going on a tour ;D

Next month is September, and it's almost time for my blog's second anniversary! It certainly means I would be doing a giveaway because I also passed 400,000+ pageviews lately. I'm still thinking of a proper giveaway to do. So please anticipate it, and I hope everyone would be pleased with it :) That's it for now. I've got to go and finish my book review, bye!

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  1. welcome back! always enjoy reading your review ^^

  2. welcome back, it is looks so enjoyable holiday.
    i will waiting for the giveaway.. lol
    do u mind if follow each other? i have followed u.


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