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Monday, August 5, 2013

15 Days Book Blogging Challenge: Day 12 - Blogger Fatigue


Even though it hasn't been that long since I started blogging, I can't deny that there are times when I'm facing blogger fatigue - which sucks. So today's challenge is to share 'how do you fight blogger fatigue?'. But for me, blogger fatigue don't just go away when you fight it. I kind of just have to live with it sometimes. Blogger fatigue will come especially when I'm too busy with college/work stuff, but still have to write book reviews and such on my blog. Do you face blogger fatigue? How do you overcome it? Share on the comments, or join the challenge here :)

There are several things I like to do when I'm facing blogger fatigue. It usually happens when I'm about to write a book review on my blog, but suddenly doesn't have the mood or mind to do it. So I keep my blog post draft open, and here are some things I do:

1. Tumblr!
I discovered tumblr a few years ago and it's part of my life now. It's kind of like blogging actually. But since I only like to reblog things off other's blogs, I don't really count it as blogging. Tumblr is so inspiring because I get to see a lot of beautiful artworks (and tons of eye-candy, of course). And I don't really need much effort to do it because tumblr is basically: scroll & reblog. While writing my post, I constantly leave it and open tumblr to refresh my mind a little, and then continue writing :)

2. Watch Something :)
I watch most things through my computer, not TV - whether it's a movie, k-drama, variety shows, etc. So when I'm about to write a post and still haven't got the mood, I opened something to watch alongside it. I might stop for every 10 minutes or so to continue writing a little, and then I watched it again. Although sometimes it can be a huge distraction, it really helps me fight my blogger fatigue instead of just staring blankly at my post draft.

3. Write Something Different
Blogger fatigue mostly comes when I'm about to write a book review. So it's always refreshing for me to write about something that I don't really have to think much about; for example: book hauls, challenge (like this one), life talks, etc. When writing a book review, I have to think back about the plots, analyze the characters, and such. But writing about book haul is so much fun! That's why I have a lot of non-review posts, because it keeps me away from blogger fatigue.

4. Take a Break
It is important for me to take a break, whether it's by taking nap, lying down and read a book, etc. Because when you face blogger fatigue and you keep forcing it, you might just leave blogging altogether because you're so tired of it. When you don't feel like blogging, take a break, do other things you love, and come back when you feel more refreshed :) At least that's what I like to do. I usually take a nap if I'm too tired to write anything.
Remember that blogger fatigue is not a sin, it's probably experienced by tons of bloggers out there. All you have to do is find your own way to tackle it. Do you have an idea on how to get over blogger fatigue? Share them, who knows it might be working for me or other people ;))

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