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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Korean Book Haul & 2PM Live Concert in Jakarta

Well, unfortunately this is not a review post; because I haven't finish reading The Two Towers yet - I didn't read at all while I was in Jakarta for the concert trip. Anyways, I feel a little bit sorry for not writing anything these past few days, so here I am with a random post; about some new books I've just got recently; as well a brief report of my first concert ever in my life. So first of all, let me introduce you to the newest comer on my bookshelves: all written by Korean authors ^^ *this post contains a lot of pictures, so please be patient if it doesn't load quickly :))

awww don't you love the covers? I am SO in love with the covers of these translated Korean books. These days the Korean wave is affecting Indonesia in a hugee way. Not only in the music industry, but even in the books industry! Actually it's been quite some time already since Indonesian publishers started to translate Korean books; but now it seems like a lot more publishers are doing the same thing - which mean more Korean books. Although my experience in reading translated Korean books has never been perfect (up until now), I still put my hopes up and try these books. Here's the list of the title along with the goodreads link on them :)
For those of you who are also a korean-addict (like I am), you will probably be familiar with some of the title :)) Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal, The Moon that Embrace the Sun, and My Girlfriend is a Gu Mi Ho; all have been made into K-dramas. I've only seen The Moon that Embrace the Sun, and it was a great historical fiction drama - especially with Kim Soo Hyun in it as the King. After reading this book I'll probably consider watching the dramas as well; any of you also interested? ;)) Unfortunately, I think my reviews for these books will not be available very soon, because I still have so many other books waiting in line to be read; but I'll post a review once I'm done reading^^ And I really hope Indonesian publishers will keep translating more and more Korean books!


and now it's a whole different talk in here. If you don't want to read my fangirling talk here, I suggest you to stop reading now ^^;; So as I've said in my previous post, I went to a concert last weekend - my first concert in my 20 years life. I have to honestly say, even though it takes a lot of effort and energy to go to a concert - especially with Jakarta's traffic and all - it was all worth it! The energy you get in a concert is unbelievable; it's as if I forgot about the world for a while - and there's only me and 2PM (lol). Although I do feel a bit disappointed with the management before entering the venue; you have to change ticket far far away, and come back to change that ticket into a bracelet, and it's very troublesome. I haven't even talk about the queue! But let's just stop there, and talk more about the happy things.

that's me on the left! and my friend, along with other thousands of girls.
you can see the door up there - that's the entrance :))
After hours of standing on the sandy beach waiting in line, we finally get to enter inside. There are girls running and flying around everywhere - especially the ones with Festival tickets because they have to grab the best spot to see their oppars! And the concert doesn't start immediately after that, we have to wait for like 2 hours or something until the handsome guys finally appear from below in the center stage. First impression: "Oh my God, they are really handsome in real life!" You'll probably can imagine already the scream of approx. 9000 girls inside the stadium, and I was screaming along because of excitement. As I've said earlier, it feels like there's only me and 2PM, so I was singing along and dancing like crazy - I don't even care what other people think of me xD

image source: coreyblue21
and here's a picture of Chansung's body - he shows it off a lot! I have to boast about this: I saw Chansung rip his t-shirt and show his abs in the concert! Seeing that live really makes me scream like a little girl; now I can fully understand those fangirl-screams who watches performance live. Everyone else in 2PM is also extremely handsome - it's almost unbelievable; and yes, Khunnie's smile is very sweet and charming. My favorite member in 2PM was always Junho; his eye-smile could easily melt my heart ♥♥♥ I have my own fancams, but the uploading took too long and I guess I'm not patient enough.... I'll upload when my internet is being kind :))

Another memorable moments in the concert was when the members started speaking in Indonesian: "Aku punya hanya kamu" "Maukah kamu berpacaran denganku? (which I answered loudly: "Yes! Right now! Okay!" lol xD) and many more. They even sang "Satu Satu Aku Sayang Ibu", and everyone sang along together happily like little children ^^ Not to make this any longer, I think it was one of the best event I've ever been to. I don't regret the tiredness I got after the concert :) Hopefully you enjoyed this random post; and I will try to finish The Two Towers as soon as I can, then write a review for it :) Bye for now!

now it's my dream to see THIS guy ^^
by.stefaniesugia♥ .


  1. Yay, finally, laporan konser 2PM!! Hehe. Thanks Stef~
    Aku masih inget waktu nonton 2PM tahun 2010 lalu teriak2 dan loncat2 kayak orang gila waktu liat mereka manggung.. too bad I miss this one. Anyway, kamu ambil kursi VIP ya? I'm happy for you ^^

    Aku nunggu review Jung Eun Gwol yaa~ aku uda nonton Syunkukwan dan The Moon Embraces The Sun. Suka banget sama serial dramanya, but ragu mau baca novelnya.. :P

    1. hahahhaa, samaaaa! iya ak ambil VIP :D soalny udh pergi jg, skalian aja deh biar liatnya deket xD

      sipsipp ;)) ak belum liat Sungkyunkwan Scandal, berencana mau cari dvd nya sih xD

  2. Hihi... Aku penasaran sama Cinderella dan Empat Kesatria.

    Wah kamu ke Jakarta? Hebat ke MEIS. Aku malah blum pernah ke MEIS. Jauh dari rumah di Depok. Ahahaha.. Paling kemarin nonton SMTown di Senayan.

    Ditunggu reviewnya Stef!

    1. hihihi iyaaa xD emg jauh bgt MEIS yah, aku jg berjam2 di jalan T.T okeeyy ;))

  3. Tiga film itu bagus2 semua, lho, Stef!! Aku udah nonton. *malah pamer* :p

  4. book haul itu artinya perayaan gitu ya stef? ehehe

    1. haul: Everything collected or acquired by a single effort :D:D karena agk susah jelasin sendiri, jd cari dr internet xDD


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