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Friday, December 7, 2012

Bonjour Decembre: Christmas & New Year

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Hello December!
It's so good to be able to say that :) I've been waiting so long for December, finally all the semester exam is coming to an end; thankfully I got through everything nice and smoothly (hoping for good grades as well), and now it's time for the holidays! YAY! Actually, I have traveling plans this year - and I'm afraid I won't be around to write much reviews for everyone. But this month, I'll be scheduling a lot of posts to be published when I'm away - of course, this year reading roundups :)) There won't be much about books in this post; but if you'd like to read further, just click Read More below :)

my reaction on the upcoming holiday :)))))
December is equal to Christmas spirit; and this year again I'm celebrating Christmas along with the BBI members in an event called Secret Santa 2012! It's an event I joined last year as well; in which we had the chance to become someone's Secret Santa and also got a book-gift from our own Secret Santa. It's a very fun and heart-warming event because we get to know each other better; especially other people's reading preferences. The registration for this year's Secret Santa is closed already (and it's currently happening!), so if any of you are interested to join next year, you're required to be a BBI member by having a book blog first :). Anyways, I'm so excited to see what I'm going to get from my Secret Santa - I've been holding in my book-shopping desires for so long! xD

And for this year's reading roundups, I'm joining Fanda Classiclit: Book Kaleidoscope 2012 ! For those who have book blogs and are willing to join this event, you can click on the link and read the full description about it ^^ By joining this, you can reminisce all the books you've read all year long. It's a 3-day-event held by one of the BBI member; and here are the theme for each day:
Day 1: December 27th - Top Five Book Boy/Girl Friends
Day 2: December 28th - Top Five Best Book Covers
Day 3: December 31st - Top Five Most Favorite Books

As for my holiday plansss; first off I'm going to a 2PM concert December 8th in Jakarta (the day after my last exam day) ! It's been a dream for me to go see a k-pop concert, and even though 2PM wasn't my favorite group among all, they're still awesome and great! I'm going to see it with my friend who's an all-time Hottest :p And my long-holiday plan is going to China! I'll be going on 21st December until early January; it's quite long because my family is going there to visit my brother who's currently studying in China. I'm super excited because this is my first time visiting the China land; and I will most definitely go see The Great Wall - no matter what! :)

As I've said earlier, there won't be much update on book reviews, but I'll read a lot during those times (because I'll have plenty of spare time), and write review-drafts on my phone. Some of you are probably going to go on a holiday trip as well - and some are just staying at home; but nevertheless, I wish everyone a wonderful and happy holiday this December! Let's happily welcome 2013 and hope for the best to come :))

much love to you all ^-^
by.stefaniesugia♥ .


  1. Junjin dan Kyuu!!!! *melting*
    Ih aku pengen juga nih ikutan eventnya Fanda cuma kmarin lupa siapa yang ngadain. Thx udah diingetin Stef.
    Happy December!!!

    1. *ikutan meltinngg* xDD
      hihihi samaa2 :D:D happy december too ! ;D


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