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Monday, August 13, 2012

It's August: Celebrating 100,000+ Pageviews ♥


AUGUST? Already? That was my initial reaction when I realized that time flies so fast, and it's already going towards the end of 2012. Even though I know it's probably a little bit late for me to do a monthly greeting (it's August 13 already), but I've only found time to do it now. August also means that I'm going back to uni to start my fifth semester - which means more load of work and a lot more new things to learn. Even though I've only started for two weeks, the load of assignments is unbelievable. It seems like not even a day would go without a new assignment. Although I'm taking a lot of general classes like Natural Science and Social Cultures, I really hope to get more skills this semester :) Wish me luck on my grades! In this post I won't share any new books like usual, because I don't have much recently (which is pretty rare). so I'll probably just share some random things.

As the title of my post stated, I just passed my 100,000+ pageviews! It is quite unbelievable for me that my blog has reached this point, because in the beginning I only made this blog out of my hobby of reading and writing. Not to forget, I would also like to thank my 219 followers (at the moment), even to those who don't follow but reads my blog anyway; I guess my blog readers are the ones who encouraged me to keep reading and writing. And since it's nearing my blog's first anniversary, I'm going to hold a huge giveaway sometime around September! So, you can all anticipate that; because I'll be giving away book package prizes :)

I'm currently reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy, starting from the first book "The Fellowship of the Ring". Unfortunately, since I'm reading this during school days, I wasn't able to find much time to read - because I have to work on my assignments during the day, and only able to read for a short time during night time :( My progress has been quite pitiful these past few days, and I don't know when will I be able to finish this 400+ pages book full with tight writings on each page. I'm trying my best to finish the book as soon as possible, and will update with more reviews for Indonesian books. I'm probably going to read Perahu Kertas by Dee - because I've just seen the movie trailer (expect my post for this movie adaptation some time this week).

Anddd, another random thing. I'm going to go on a holiday trip on 18th! For about 4-5 days there won't be any update on this blog, of course - because I'll have no chance to write any review. But I'll be sure to bring a book along with me on the vacation, so I can directly write the review for it when I came back. So I think that's the end of this random post, I'll try my best to quickly update with my review for The Fellowship of the Ring, as well as the Movie Adaptation review because I'm going to watch it directly! :))) Bye! and once again thank you everyone :)

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  1. Wooho you're cool, Stef !!
    Since I'm a new follower here, I never feels too lazy to read all of your review cos it's all amazing! love your blog, pics, songs, and of course your pretty review!
    hehe and sometimes I thought that why are you so great, can making all review w/ the short time? yeah enjoy your holiday then :))
    ohya congrats for 100k pageviews!! deep amazing! ><

    1. awww thank you so much! :') those are really flattering words :)) once again, thank you! ;*


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