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Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Releases

HELLO november !
this month, i wish i can get lots of sleep and more leisure time. october has been an extremely busy month for me, with lots of assignments and too many things to do. so i really need a HOLIDAY.
and also, i didn't have much chance to buy books in october, which means i'll be buying tons of books this month. i'm browsing through goodreads to see if there are books that interests me. i'll update when i've got new books on the shelf ;)

so for now, here's new book releases on november. 
 (i screenshot this from Goodreads New Releases)
you can find links on the books above from here (Goodreads November new releases)
i still haven't found a book i'm interested in this november :\ hmm.. but i'll keep looking around for good books for my next shopping list ;) i hope you find something you like to read this november ;)

my wish this month: please let December come quick. :):)

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