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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bookie-Looker ! ☆

FINALLY! It's Bookie-Looker's 1st Anniversary!

Time flies! It's September, and it's time for my blog's birthday! I almost didn't notice that it's been a year already since I started posting my first post in this blog. In this post I'd like to express my never-ending gratitude towards everyone who supports and reads my blog. It's a happy thing for me to be able to share my reading experience with everyone, and even better to encourage other people to read as well. I've been quite busy these days with college and stuffs; so my book reviews are always released a few days later after I finished reading. I didn't even do a proper monthly greeting yet this month, so I guess I'll do it now as well - better late than never.

I haven't shared my new books for quite some time. Honestly there are so many; not only those I posted above. The picture above shows the books I got from my holiday to Singapore back in August. Recently, I purchased some new Indonesian books as well as English ones. Although there are no pictures of it, I'll share the links if you want to check them out. For more updates on my new books, I always take a picture of them and post on my instagram. If you'd like to know just follow: @stefanie_sugia on Instagram :)
JUN!!! by Mia Arsjad
Kāla Kālī by Valiant Budi & Windy Ariestanty
My Boyfriend's Wedding Dress by Kim Eun Jeong (Review here)
Biru pada Januari by Aditia Yudis (Review here)
Kastil Es & Air Mancur yang Berdansa (Review here)

To share my love for all of you, I'm doing a giveaway which starts today - the Giveaway post will be released at 9AM. I hope you'll be happy with the prizes :)

by.stefaniesugia♥ .


  1. waw, selamat ya :)
    semoga tetep selalu ngeblog dari hati

  2. Aheeey Happy 1st Birthday for The Bookie Looker *cheers*
    A few month ago I started to loving your review, Stefanie :)
    I like your sentences, writing-style, and of course your lovely blog, headernya bikin aku kayak tenggelam di dalam looker beneran lol very nice design :)
    keep on writing!! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Bookie Looker.. cepet bgt ya udah setahun aja blog kamu. Dan updatenya dahsyat pula. Keep it up Stef ;) :D

  4. Happy bdeiii bt thebookielooker..selalu ada yg 'wow' dr blognya Mbak..sukses terus ya :D


  5. salam sukses gan, bagi2 motivasi .,
    nikmatilah hidupmu agar kamu tidak merasa bosan dalam setiap keadaan.,.
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya gan .,.

  6. Thanks buat ucapan selamatnya & supportnya selama ini ya :)) ^^ Akan selalu berusaha untuk jadi lebih baik lagi ;)

  7. Happy Birthday Bookie!!!!
    Love ur blog Steph.
    Ur review, design and music selection are great help to enlighten the day.
    Keep up ur good work.


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