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Monday, August 27, 2012

Movie Adaptation Review: The Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Version

MOVIE ADAPTATION of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RIng
YAY! I finally watched the first movie of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. 11 years passed since its' first release in 2001; it is actually quite a pity for me to watch it just now. As my title stated, I'm watching the Extended Version of this movie - which is almost 4 hours long (I don't know how long does the one in the cinema showed). But the time I spent watching this movie was not in vain, because indeed this is a great movie adaptation. The director, Peter Jackson, definitely did an awesome job and I would like to give my thumbs up for him! So here goes my non-spoiler review for the movie adaptation.

In my opinion, this movie will be a perfect companion for the book; because for me personally, I understood the story much better after watching the movie. Although there are slight changes here and there - just like any movie adaptation would do - the book was translated into a movie perfectly! The movie start off with a little bit of history of Sauron, the One Ring, and until the Ring got into the hands of Bilbo Baggins. And the story continues happily in the Shire, with Bilbo's 111st birthday party. But indeed, the story moves a lot faster here in the movie - considering the limited time available to tell all the story. In the movie it doesn't mention Tom Bombadil - the character who helped the hobbits survived in the woods - and also the journey of the hobbits before reaching The Prancing Pony; but of course it is quite unrelated with the overall plot. After meeting with Aragorn, the story then gets more intense and exciting! First part of the book gets about one and a half hour, and the rest goes to the second part.

As I've said earlier, the movie is perfect! Even if you don't read the book, you'll understand everything very well because there are a lot of explanations (you just have to pay attention to every little detail being said). And if you read the book first, it's even more better! Because when you watch the movie, you will really understand the history and the relations between each character even if the movie doesn't express much about it.

One of the big differences between the book and the movie is the relationship between Aragorn and Arwen. In the book, the one who helped Aragorn and the Hobbits along the way wasn't her, it was Glorfindel - but I think the movie wanted to add a pinch of romance in the movie; because a little romance always excites anyone. FYI, the scene between these two lovers in the movie was also not in the book (there's even a kissing scene which I think would never show up in a Tolkien book) :P

The second difference would be Legolas ♥, which I think would be the most good-looking guy in the movie (although I still had my heart on Aragorn) - just because when everyone's dirty and beaten up from battle, he still manage to keep that golden hair of his extremely clean. Unexpectedly, Legolas had a lot of roles in the movie - unlike in the book. It also seems that Legolas and Aragorn are very good friends because he stood up for Aragorn when he was mocked by Boromir (in the book, it was supposed to be Bilbo). Nevertheless, it's a good thing Legolas showed up a lot on screen, so I can be delighted by Orlando Bloom's handsome face >:D *guilty*. And not to forget, he looks so attractive with the bow and arrow.

If I had to choose my favorite scene in the movie, it would be Gandalf's scene in the Mines of Moria ㅠㅠ. It was a very heartbreaking scene when Gandalf shouted "Fly, you fools!" to the others. Gandalf is exactly what I imagined him to be; a man with a lot of wise words, he's kind yet harsh at times (especially to Pippin), and a very strong wizard. Hopefully he'll show up again in the next story, I really can't wait to read the second book.

"I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."
 The other old man in the movie, Saruman, really plays his role well. Starting from his first appearance, you can really see the evil out of his eyes. It's really admirable to see these two elderly men still playing in an action movie. And one fact that I just realized, the man who played Gandalf in this movie, is the same guy who played as Magneto in the X-Men series!

Well, I haven't talked about the main character yet. Frodo Baggins played by Elijah Wood. I have to admit, that even though he didn't fight well, the character Frodo Baggins was expressed extremely well in the movie. I think Elijah Wood did a very good job - especially his expression when the Ring started to affect him. I'm looking forward seeing his actions in the second and third movie :)

Not wanting to make this movie adaptation review any longer, I just want to conclude once again that this is probably one of the best movie adaptation I've ever seen. The movie creates the whole thing just like how I imagined them to be; and the story is adapted perfectly and everything is easily understood. Hopefully I'll get a chance to read the second book soon enough, so that I'll be able to watch the second movie adaptation as well. Bye, and see you again Frodo Baggins! :))

*the screenshots are taken and edited by me.

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