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Friday, July 27, 2012

Short Review: Life of Pi by Yann Martel & Movie Adaptation Trailer


I read Yann Martel's Life of Pi back in September 2010; been almost two years since I read it, but it still leaves a great impression in me, though I don't remember much (sorry for my short-term memory). When I saw the official movie trailer is out, I dig around my goodreads account and found that I've written a short review for the book. Before I had this blog, I used to write short reviews just to share the book summary and express my feelings towards the book. I'll paste my goodreads review below; so for those who haven't read the book, hopefully you'll get a rough idea of what the story is about. I also included the official movie trailer down below. Enjoy!

Short Book Review:

Honestly, this book is so strong with its words that sometimes it stunned me while reading (especially the brutal and scary parts). Life of Pi is a story of a boy named Piscine. He created himself a nickname because people keep calling him "Pissing" instead of Piscine. He decided to be called Pi instead. His father is a zookeeper. and one day, his family decided to move to Canada. So there starts the journey, on a japanese ship called "Tsimtsum". Along the way, Tsimtsum suddenly sunk. And there starts a different journey, the journey of Pi. But he wasn't alone. He survived along with 4 animals: an orangutan, a zebra, a hyena, and a tiger.

This is a story of survival. Pi have to survive living in the Pacific Ocean together with 4 animals on the same boat. Will he survive or will he die? Just read this for yourself and you'll be on an adventure along with Pi, trying to survive with everything he's got.

This story leaves a great impression on me, because while I was reading, the story was very well-told that sometimes I thought "is this real or is it just a fictional story?". The way the story flows is really good. Even though there's no antagonist in the story, the plot doesn't seem flat at all. One thing though that I have to complain about this book. It's too brutal. I know, it's a natural thing to do if you're stranded in the Pacific Ocean, starving and thirsty to death. But Martel described everything so well, until I imagined every single thing. Sometimes it makes me nauseous just imagining it again.

Overall, for me Life of Pi is a great book. It has succeed to bring me inside the story, as though I'm living Pi's life. A great book to learn how to survive; both in the Pacific Ocean and in life. :):)

 Looking from the trailer, I think this movie adaptation will be amazing! The trailer itself is already very intense with quiet pauses in between scenes. Last note, I love the tiger, especially when it roars! Hopefully the movie will fulfill my vivid imagination about the book. The movie is set to be released towards the end of 2012.

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  1. i just bought this book last week and it's still plastic-sealed until today. after reading your review, i want to read this book as soon as possible (i'm still reading another book). nice review. but i skipped the trailer. i want to read the book first. : P


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