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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Movie Adaptation Teaser Trailer: The Host (by: Stephenie Meyer)


 Movie Adaptation Teaser Trailer: The Host (by: Stephenie Meyer)
The Host by Stephenie Meyer 

Anyone read the book yet? :) I have, and I'm so excited for the movie adaptation! Compared to Twilight, I would say that I love The Host much much more. And so that's the reason why I'm anticipating the movie, while I only watched Twilight movies up to New Moon (I think). For those of you who haven't read this, I'll share a little bit about the book.

The Host is a sci-fi love story, which introduce us to a new world; a world which is being taken over by aliens named Souls. The Souls are taking over human body, erase the human, and claim the body and mind. When Wanderer - a soul  - is being inserted into a human body named Melanie, the soul started having various emotions and memories. Realizing that it has not fully claimed Melanie's body. And so, Melanie and Wanderer (which is known as Wanda later on), shared the same body - with two minds.

Melanie had a lover named Jared, who's a rebel human and hasn't been taken over by Souls. Knowing that Melanie has been taken over, Jared holds a grudge against Wanda. While Ian, also a human rebel, starts to grow a liking towards Wanda. This cause a confusion between the three of them; you can somehow call it a love triangle. Because even though Jared and Ian loved different people, they're loving the same body.

And trust me, this book doesn't talk about romance only. There are plenty of actions and excitement related with the rebels and the Souls. For me, I absolutely love every bit of this book! I remembered I used to stay up all night just so I can read more of this book. I read this book back in 2009, but I can still remember all the feelings I've got from it. Amazing book ♥♥

And here's the cast for The Host. I guess this is pretty much fixed already. And I was so so so disappointed with the casting for Ian. :"( Ian is my most favorite character in the book; but I didn't really found him in Jake Abel. He's suppose to be this warm and sweet guy, but how can it be Jake Abel? *sigh* But what can I do, I just hope the movie turns out the way I expected.

Are you anticipating the movie adaptation for this book too ? :))

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  1. o my God!!! can't wait!! look like The Host will be likeable than Twilight. hoho. ceritanya juga lumayan~ :D I love Ian~ <3

    1. iyaa :DD mnurutku ceritanya lbh bagus drpd Twilight series :))

  2. Ada max Irons?! Ak baru tau, g slesai baca buku'e ini -_-... Kyknya bagus y ban, jd pgn baca lagi~
    btw ban, 316 bagus pol, baru denger dari music player mu!! <3

    1. wkwkw nde beritae sih katae gtu.. ;P
      loooo apik pol The Host, kq ga selesai sehh.. wkwkwkw...
      ayo bacaaa ;P
      hahahaa emg tipe-mu banget itu 316, kyk yiruma2 gitu..
      search di youtube bnyakk :D


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