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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fresh New Books in 2012

 i just got these 3 books; 2 i ordered online, and 1 i got from the bookstore :) this year, i kind of made a promise to myself that i have to limit my book shopping this year :1  i was constantly reminded by the stacks of books i haven't read yet sitting in my bookshelves for a long time. this month, i only got 3 books; which is considered a pretty good improvement. i used to buy books every week :1  i hope i can keep up with this, because i literally cannot deny the temptation of buying new released books every time i see them. here's the list of books :)

1. Le Petit Prince (Pangeran Cilik) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
2. Rain Over Me by Arini Putri
3. Seoulmate by Lia Indra Andriana
i fell in love definitely when i saw number 2 in the bookstore, the cover is this sweet blue color, and i said to myself that i had to get this book :1  while for number 3, i buy this after reading her work collaborating with Orizuka on Oppa & I (see my review here), so i thought i would try her solo work :) that's it for now, bye ;*


  1. baru baca yang Pangeran Cilik, ditunggu review Rain Over Me :)

  2. Little Prince, one of my favorite book ever. Aku tunggu reviewnya ;)

  3. @Peri Hutan: oke akan segera dibaca ;)
    @Aleetha: bagus yahh? :D aku penasaran sih makany beli :D

  4. penasaran bangen pengen baca Pangeran Cilik semenjak baca Dance With Devil-nya Sherrilyn Kenyon...

  5. oh oh~ I love Seoulmate~ that's quite good. but I love Marrying AIDS most (one of her works)
    ditunggu review rain over me-nyaa~

  6. bagus yah Seoulmate? :D hmm oke nanti coba ak cari Marrying AIDS ;)
    sipp deh :) lagi dibaca ini Rain Over Me-ny ;)


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