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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Lucky One (Movie) starring Zac Efron !!

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks adapted into a MOVIE !!

i've been a BIG FAN of Nicholas Sparks for a long longgg time. it's been years probably, since i first seen A Walk to Remember movie and was incredibly touched by it. then i decided to buy Nicholas Sparks' books and read the original story before it was adapted into a movie. my first Nicholas Sparks' book was A Walk to Remember. i read it back in 2009, and since then i bought all the books written by Nicholas Sparks :) i think Nicholas Sparks is an author who specialize in romance story; because he writes it so beautifully and i was dragged emotionally along with the story :)

this is WHY i was so excited when i saw a Facebook update by Nicholas Sparks saying that the trailer of The Lucky One will be having its' broadcast debut on Entertainment Tonight. so i browse through Youtube and found this TRAILER! and wow it really makes me want to watch it right this moment! ♥♥♥ the movie's starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling. looks amazing ;)

here's the trailer for you to watch ;)

i was incredibly touched by the opening, when Logan was in a war and he found that photograph which would lead to his destiny:
"...and i just found it. in a war, finding something like that, is like finding an angel in hell."

looking from the trailer, i'm sure the movie would be PER-FECT! frankly speaking, the plot of the story itself is already amazing. i really really can't wait to watch the movie! :) i'm very excited!
congratulations Nicholas Sparks on the movie ;)

"...i think that’s what you hope that love is, is destiny"


  1. Zac Efron??? oh my god!! he's totally hot and awesome!! can't wait to see his act on The Lucky One, haven't read the book yet,anw. :p
    is it good,Stef? coz i know u're a huge fan of NS.

  2. iyaaaa hahaha :D agak kaget jg awalnya wktu liat yg main zac efron, soalnya udah lgsg kebayang HSM.. tp pas liat trailerny ternyata keren jg ♥♥♥
    mnurutku sih bagus bangetttt bukunyaaa :D hihi ;)

  3. huaaahh.. kok di gambarnya ga mirip zac, lebih machoo >_<

  4. hahahaa :D iyaaa, skrg jdi jenggotan gtu.. tapi jdi lebih kereen, keliatan dewasaa :D

  5. zac efron pas main di film charlie st cloud keren banget :p
    klo di HSM malah ga gt suka dia hehe

  6. filem apa tuh charlie st. cloud meeii? :D jdi tertarikk ;) iy ak jg krg gitu suka zac efron d HSM.. hihih

  7. itu diadaptasi dari novel jg loh stef. novelnya si w blm baca. cuma filmnya bagus^^ rasa bersalah zac karna kelalaian dia dd cowoknya meninggal, trus dia ga bs lepas dr bayang2 ddnya gt. keren :p

  8. oooo :O keknya keren yah ceritanyaa :D jdi penasaraann :D coba ntar ak cari2 dehh ;) hihi

  9. jajaja Zac Efron, melihat percakapan kalian tiba-tiba aku ngerasa tua :D

    Charlie St Cloud lumayan sih tapi sepertinya lebih bagus bukunya.

    Ini endingnya sedih juga ga Stef? Ah alamat musti ngebut baca bukunya dulu nih..

  10. hahahhaa :D:D aku jg mau coba cari tuh bukuny Charlie St Cloud :) yg ini happy ending kq (jarang2 Nicholas Sparks bukunya happy end :P) hihihihi ;)


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