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Friday, September 11, 2015

The 5th Wave | Official Trailer

image source: here. edited by me.
Whenever a movie adaptation trailer comes out, I feel the sudden urge to read the book—because I always prefer to read the book first before watching the movie. I don't really know much about The 5th Wave aside from the fact that it's a science-fiction trilogy (?). I heard some amazing things about the first book, but there are quite a lot of mixed reviews for the sequel—so I was a bit hesitant to jump into this series. But now that the movie adaptation is nearing its release, I feel like I should risk it and start reading the first book. If you haven't seen the trailer, go watch it below ;)

"I may be the last one, but I am the one still standing. I am the one turning to face the faceless hunter in the woods on an abandoned highway. I am the one not running, not staying, but facing."
Judging from the trailer, the main conflict of the story will come from this alien-thingy they call 'the others'. And there will be several 'waves' that they will encounter; starting from darkness—when all the powers will be taken away, destruction—which is like a tsunami kind of thing, infection—some sort of disease that will cause a lot of deaths, and invasion—in which 'the others' will inhabit human bodies. Those are the first four waves, so I guess the fifth wave will be revealed later on in the story.
I feel like there's going to be a lot of action involved in the movie (and book) because it's kind of like the end-of-the-world story which will surely be intense. And it reminds me a little bit of The Host by Stephenie Meyer in which the alien also inhabits human bodies. I was hoping that the trailer would be a lot more grand, but I guess this isn't too bad either. I love Chloë Grace Moretz and I know she's going to do an amazing job portraying her character in this apocalypse situation. And I'm very excited to see Nick Robinson—who's really cute by the way—even though I still have no idea what kind of role he will play in the story. I just hope that he'll do better than his role in Jurassic World.

Have you read The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey? Are you excited to go watch this movie?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below ;)

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  1. habis liat trailernya jadi pengen baca bukunya >.<

  2. Udah baca bukunya belum? dari trailernya aku ngerasa bakalan beda sama bukunya. Tapi aku juga ga sabar sih buat nonton filmnya >< Ohiya, ini pendapatku tentang trailernya

    1. Beluuumm~ xD Pengennya baca dulu baru ntn filmnya :D


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