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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 2015: Book Haul


I'm writing this post a week early because I will be going on a trip which won't allow me to make blog posts. So books that I purchased / received after April 20th, will be listed in May's book haul :) And so this month, I actually didn't get a lot of books (especially if you compared it to my purchase in January and February. I've got 7 books in total; I purchased 5 English books and received 2 Indonesian books from authors. I'm quite proud of myself because even though it's my birthday month, I didn't really splurge on books :)) *giving myself a pat on the back* Okay, here are the beautiful books I got in April!

So if you know me, you know that I don't usually buy hardcovers; mostly because they're too expensive. And in my opinion, the content remains exactly the same even when I purchased the paperback. But THIS. I saw this book when I was strolling in Periplus bookstore, and I saw this beauty. That turquoise-blueish-mint color is like my favorite color ever. And the combination with the bright pink is just very pleasing to the eyes. I've seen this book around BookTube during Christmas last year; and I think it will be a perfect holiday read :) Can't stop adoring the colors though!

I also bought this one when I was strolling through Periplus Bookstore. I've only read one Lauren Oliver book so far, but I'm quite intrigued by the premise of this book. So I'm not really sure whether I will like it or not, but that cover is also stunning. And if you can feel the book, it felt so smooth and velvety—if you know what I mean. If you've read this book, comment and share what you think about it ;)
I ordered this last month from Book Depository, and now I finally have all of Chaos Walking trilogy in the same edition! I'm planning to read this series in 2015, even though I'm not sure when. I heard so many good things about this series and felt that it's going to be right up my alley <3
Finally decided to buy this book! I was hesitating for quite some time whether to get this book or not (because my friend recommended it, but my brother said the movie isn't that good). And then I got a IDR 100,000 e-voucher from Periplus when I won the Dare to Blog competition. So I spent it on this book with Sam Claflin on the cover <3 I'm planning to read this next month and then watch the movie adaptation after. Even if I don't like the book in the end, I'll still keep it so that Sam Claflin can stay on my bookshelf forever. lol.

Another one that I got from Periplus Bookstore; it was from the same purchase as My True Love Gave to Me and Vanishing Girls. I've been wanting to get this book since its' release, but I was waiting for the mass market paperback edition (because the rest of my Shopaholic series are in mass market paperback). So when I saw it in display, I didn't think twice and grabbed the book. I really want to continue with this series, because I really enjoyed the first five books. It's a fun and light read, just like any other Sophie Kinsella's books :))
I received this book from the author who contacted me via Twitter and offered me to read her new book, and of course I gladly accepted it. It's a young adult book with family problems, friendship, and love mixed together in the story. I've read and reviewed it, and I'd like to say thank you so much Emma Grace for sending me this book :)
I also got this book for free but not from the author or the publisher. A while ago, I particiated in the blog tour for Not a Perfect Wedding. And after the event is over, the author offered us a book that she will send to us. My thought instantly went to this book, because some of my friends gave pretty interesting reviews for it—but I don't really want to buy it on my own. So I'm really thankful to Asri Tahir for getting this book for me :) You can probably judge by the cover, this book is very action-packed.

So that's it for this book haul! It's a bit shorter than the usual, which is good I guess xD What are the books you purchased this month? Have you read any of the books I bought in April? You can share your own book haul or thoughts in the comments below. I hope I can keep this up until May, because I seriously need to slim down my ever-growing TBR pile. Alright, bye now!
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  1. Beruntungnya dikau kak Stef, dapat buku gratis :9

    1. Hehe iya nih beruntung bs dikirimin buku gratis XD

  2. :(( Gloomy Gift!
    Inceran banget tuh~

  3. Unyu banget cover My True Love Gave to Me.

  4. covernya my true love gave to me memang bagus banget
    aku sampe beli yang versi pink juga hehe

    1. Hahaha iya di periplus ada yg wrna pink juga covernya xD

  5. My True Love bagus ya? Lagi booming banget katyaknya

    1. Belom dibaca sih bukunya, cuma covernya cakep aja hahah xD Iya emg lagi booming bgt sejak Christmas taun lalu :D


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