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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Book Review: I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

BOOK review
Started on: 21.November.2014
Finished on: 24.November.2014

Title : Four: I've Got Your Number
Author : Sophie Kinsella
Publisher : The Dial Press
Pages : 433 pages / 346 pages (e-book)
Year of Publication : 2012
Price : $ 10.37 (

Rating: 5/5

Poppy Wyatt is facing one of the biggest crisis in her life when she lost her engagement ring. And it's not just an ordinary ring. When Magnus Tavish proposed to her, he took out the family ring from a bank vault; presenting the vintage emerald ring with diamonds accent on it. She lost it during a hotel fire drill, and she tried everything to find the precious heirloom. But then she suddenly lost her phonewhich is one of the most important thing to help her find the ring. So when she saw a phone in the trash bin, she picked it up and used it as her own. However, the owner of the phone, Sam Roxton, wasn't very happy when he found out.

"I feel drenched in embarrassment. This is why people shouldn't share phones."
Sam finally agreed to let Poppy use the phone until she found her ring, but she has to forward all of his business emails. As she's doing that, Poppy couldn't resist reading all of Sam's email—and started to know this stranger a little bit better. Sam usually don't reply to most of his emails, and when he does give a reply, it's always very shortwhich Poppy totally disagrees with. Throughout their text messages, Sam has been a huge help to Poppy and vice versa. But Poppy's actions went a little bit out of hand when she started sending replies without Sam's consent. Resulting a disaster for Sam and his company.
"And anyway.... whoever it was, whether I knew them or not, if I could help in some way, I would. I mean, if you can help, you have to help. Don't you think?"
Only a few days are left before Poppy's wedding day, but she's still struggling to be accepted by the Tavisheswho are brilliant, intelligent, and always made her feel inferior. And on the other hand, Sam is also facing a major problem that threatens the name of his good friend, Sir Nicholas Murray. Both Poppy and Sam helped each other as friends; but in the end, the phone that Poppy found in the bin must be returned. And they might never interact with each other ever again.
"All this time, I've thought I could see Sam's entire life. But it wasn't his entire life, was it? It was one in-box. And I judged him on it.
He has friends. He has a life. He has a relationship with his family. He has a whole load of stuff I have no idea about. I was an idiot if I thought I'd got to know the whole story. I know a single chapter. That's all."
image source: here. edited by me.
So this book is exactly what I needed after I finished Gone Girl; it's a light and easy read, cute and fluffly—and definitely a page turner. I've loved Sophie Kinsella's writing since Shopaholic, and have read several of her other books too. I was constantly giggling throughout the book because of all the things Poppy did, and also her interactions with Sam. Reading this book felt like watching a romantic-comedy movie: The story itself is quite predictable, but I think it's still sweet and very entertaining to read.

The book is written in first person POV of Poppy Wyatt, our main character. She's quite the typical romantic-comedy-kind-of-girl; who's quite reckless and would make quite unbelievable decisions. But I guess that's what makes this book fun to read; because we get to know what's going on inside her head, what led her to make those decision, etc. There are actually several problems going on in the story, the first is of course the lost engagement ring, and also Poppy's problematic relationship with the Tavishes. As I've mentioned in the plot summary above, Sam also got his own conflicts in the storywhich Poppy also got involved in. I think the conflicts in the story that intertwines both our main characters is a really cute way to develop their relationship. What's going to happen is pretty predictable (like a said earlier), but I had lots of fun reading how Poppy and Sam's relationship grows naturally. They don't instantly go into love-romance mode, but more like enjoying each others' presence (?) if that makes sense. I'm really glad they didn't escalate their relationship too quickly, considering they only got to know each other for a fairly short time. The ending itself is satisfying enough for me, and still stayed very very cute until the end.
"You're pretty insecure for someone who's so feisty on the outside."
I don't particularly have a favorite character in this book, but I definitely ship Poppy Wyatt and Sam Roxton! They have totally opposite personality, but somehow I feel like they complete each other. Poppy's character might actually be a little bit annoying in real life, because she's so nosy and likes to meddle in other people's business. But in this book, she just adds more laughter for me. As for Sam, he started off as a pretty cold character (portrayed by Poppy's mind). However, as the story goes, he doesn't seem all that bad. Andd, the small change in Sam's text message towards the end of the book just makes me go: "Awwww~". These two definitely made me smile like a fool in the middle of the night. And if I were reading this book in a coffee shop, people might think I'm a bit crazy....
"Magnus and Sam are so very different. It's like they're made out of different stuff. Magnus is so shiny, so mercurial, so impressive, so sexy. But a teeny-weeny bit self-obsessed. Whereas Sam is so... straight and strong. And generous. And kind. You just know he'd always be there for you, whatever."
Overall, this book is a very satisfying read and is exactly the kind of book that I needed at the time. As I've said earlier, it's a light read and most definitely a page-turner for me because I keep wanting for more. I still have several more Sophie Kinsella's books on my shelves that I haven't read, and I will definitely come back for those. Especially after I read something dark and/or gloomy; because I'm sure Sophie Kinsella will keep me entertained with her cute and fluffy story :))
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  1. Belum baca bukunya, baru nonton filmnya aja. Filmnya menghibur banget....

    1. wah emg ada filmnya ya? baru tau :D

    2. *mjb

      Mungkin maksud mbak anggun film what's your number kali yak.. :)))

    3. Wahahaha...beda judul dan cerita ya itu?maaf stef,jadi mengecewakan mu ��

  2. Aaaaa buku ini emang menghibur gilaaaak. Sayangnya waktu itu aku baca ebook, bukan paperback (BELI SANA LIN, BELI!), jadi males kalo mau baca ulang. ;_; Padahal kangen Sam sama Poppy. :')))

    1. hahahha iyaa bangett xD ayo dibeli ajaa paperbacknya ;pp

  3. Arghh.. Kinsella is my guilty pleasure. I have a love hate relationship with her books, but I always come back to them whenever I need something to cheer me up!

  4. Waaa masuk wishlist deh, pengen beli. Kebetulan lagi baca bukunya Sophie Kinsella yang Can You Keep A Secret, and yes it is funny, sweet and entertaining. :)


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