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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Books You'd Recommend for Halloween

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The last topic for this month's Top 5 Wednesday is actually a bit challenging for me; because I have to choose Top 5 Books You'd Recommend for Halloween. Even though I never celebrated Halloween, I know that this celebration is related to something scary, eerie, and things like that. The first thing that came to mind are books within the horror/thriller genre; but to be honest, I rarely read books with that genre. So this week's topic is a bit tough for me; but I managed to find some books that I think are perfect for the Halloween season—even though I haven't read some of them yet. Here's the list in no particular order.

The first three on this list are books that I've read:

This book is actually a mystery-thriller genre; and I love Hannibal Lecter's charismatic character. There's this intense feeling whilst reading that I think really suits the Halloween season. I haven't got around to finishing this series yet, and I have 2 books leftneed to get on it soon.
I'm actually not very fond of this book, but I think it's a great read for Halloween. The story feels kind of eerie, and a bit spooky, actually. Although I didn't understand the story perfectly, I think this book would be great if you want to experience something odd.
As for this one, it's a very magical and whimsical readwhich I think is also a perfect book for Halloween. I actually love many aspects of these books, even though I hoped the plot would be better.
And these next two, are books that I'm really looking forward to reading soon:

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Another mystery-thriller book on this listbecause I think the creepy feeling of it will be perfect for Halloween! I made this post on October 10th to be scheduled, and maybe I already finished reading this book by the time this post is published. I read it this month in anticipation of the movie adaptation. Can't wait!
I think even the cover of this book is already ideal for Halloween, isn't it? I've heard so many great things about this book, and will try to read it soonI even have the sequel already, so all the more reason to read them.
What are your choices for Halloween reads? 

This is the last Top 5 Wednesday for October; and even though I don't celebrate Halloween, it's fun to choose books that suit this season - which includes genres that I don't read much. Hopefully I'll be able to join on November's Top 5 Wednesday again if the topics interests me. That's it for now, bye!
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