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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Top Siblings

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I was quite hesitant about this week's Top 5 Wednesday, because I find it difficult for me to make a choice. Not because I had too many choices (like the Top Quotes), but rather I don't have that much choices in mind. This week's topic is to choose the Top 5 Siblings - in the fictional literary world, I think. So I started browsing through my mind, and it seems like most of the books that I read doesn't include much significant siblings in the story. But I have promised myself to keep joining this tag, so that I can keep the blog updated when I haven't finish my book reviews. So here goes my best try in choosing my favorite literary siblings :))
5. Faramir & Boromir (The Lord of the Rings trilogy)

Coming at number 5 spot, is the sons of Denethor - Faramir and his older brother, Boromir. This sibling actually had a really deep relationship; but it's kind of ruined because their father obviously favored the older brother more than the younger one. All his life, Faramir wanted to prove something to his father - not to his brother, though. They have completely different personalities: Boromir was fearless, strong, and daring; while Faramir is bold but gentle. Both of them plays a huge part in The Lord of the Rings trilogy (one of my favorite series!), so they're number 5 on this list ;)
4. The Pevensies Siblings (Chronicles of Narnia)

This one is quite shameful, because honestly, I haven't read the Chronicles of Narnia. But I've watched the movie, and I can't really think of any more siblings in the literary world that I know of - so I decided to choose The Pevensies. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy all experienced together the adventures they had in Narnia. They supported and helped each other along the way, and the great journey strengthens their family bond even more. I'm really looking forward to reading this series soon (hopefully).

3. Beatrice Prior & Caleb Prior (Divergent trilogy)

For those of you who have read the Divergent trilogy would know the love-and-hate relationship between this sibling. At the beginning of the book, Tris really trusted her brother - even when Caleb chose a faction that's been really cruel to their original faction. And even when Caleb betray his own sister, Tris still did something for him - which is totally amazing for me. Wouldn't talk much more about it; I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read this series. ;)
“She said that everyone has some evil inside them, and the first step to loving anyone is to recognize the same evil in ourselves, so we’re able to forgive them.” — Caleb Prior, Allegiant
2. Katniss Everdeen & Primrose Everdeen (The Hunger Games trilogy)

On the number 2 spot is the loving sisters of The Hunger Games trilogy: Katniss and Prim! Needless to say, Katniss' love for Prim made her volunteered to enter The Hunger Games replacing her younger sister. I love them both in the book and in the movie. In the book, I can totally see how much Prim admired her strong sister. And at the end, even though it's sad, I can still remember how much this sibling love and adore each other. Don't want to spoil this one either..
"But I feel as if I did know Rue, and she’ll always be with me. Everything beautiful brings her to mind. I see her in the yellow flowers that grow in the Meadow by my house. I see her in the Mockingjays that sing in the trees. But most of all, I see her in my sister, Prim." — Katniss Everdeen
1. Fred Weasley & George Weasley (Harry Potter series)
The.Best.Sibling.Ever. - in the literary world I mean. When I started this post, this siblings is the first that came to mind, because they're so full of fun and definitely leaves a great impression to me. They are the Weasley twins, Fred and George! They even have a joke/prank shop called Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes - because they love pranks so much. How cool is that? Their personalities are absolutely the best, they are so witty - both in the books and in the movies. Too bad Fred died at the end :( But still, I remembered the Weasley twins as a happy energy in the Harry Potter series :))
'Now, you two – this year, you behave yourselves. If I get one more owl telling me you've – you've blown up a toilet or –'
'Blown up a toilet? We've never blown up a toilet.'
'Great idea though, thanks, Mum.'
'It's not funny. And look after Ron.'
'Don't worry, ickle Ronniekins is safe with us.'
'Shut up,' said Ron again.…
'Don't, Ginny, we'll send you loads of owls.'
'We'll send you a Hogwarts toilet seat.'
'George!' — Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

And that is it for this week's Top 5 Wednesday! Next week, the topic is going to be Top Fictional Technology - which I think is going to be another difficult one. But we'll see ;) Byee~

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