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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Top Genres

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Hello, there! I recently joined the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads, and so hopefully this will be a monthly post that you will get to see on this blog every Wednesday. The first topic for April is Top Genres. This is actually quite tough because I have very little understanding about genres and their differences. I basically divide books into two kinds: fiction and non-fiction. So I had to ask Google about it to help me make this post. And finally, here are my choice of Top 5 Genres (in no particular order).

1. Fantasy
The first one on my list is fantasy. I cannot help but love The Harry Potter series and also The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I think falls into this category. I think it needs extra imagination to read this genre - because sometimes it's hard to picture something that isn't real in your head. But if the author is awesome (like J.K. Rowling or J.R.R. Tolkien), and they're very descriptive with the story, it might not be that hard. I just absolutely love this genre!

2. Dystopian
This genre is the trend these days, especially with The Hunger Games and Divergent trilogy. According to my search results, this genre usually sets in the future and have a fictional hero. Most of the time, the society itself is the antagonist (like The Hunger Games, for example). This is one of my most favorite genre because there's always thrill and excitement in the story. I haven't read much dystopian books, and I'm planning to read more in the future. I especially love the world that the author created in the books; with all the cultures, behaviors, etc. A really cool genre, indeed.
3. Young-Adult Fiction
Since I don't read teenlit books anymore (considering my age), I think I would prefer choosing YA books - which are everywhere. This genre usually talks about the main character and the problems they faced at that age. From my experience, this genre talks a lot about family relationship, friendships, and of course: romance! The Fault in Our Stars, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and If I Stay are examples of a Young-Adult fiction books. Since I am also a Young-Adult myself, I feel like I can relate to some of the problems that the characters are facing, so it's much more fun to read. The romance in YA fiction are also one of the sweetest thing ever.

4. Psychology Non-Fiction
I think this will be the only non-fiction genre on this list; I was going to put mystery - but I think I haven't read enough mystery books to say that it's one of my favorite genres (I just love Sherlock Holmes). Back to psychology non-fiction. I absolutely love this genre, especially books that talks about people's personality that helps me understand people better. Books like How to Develop Self Confidence & Influence People and Quiet, helps me understand why a person behave a certain way.
5. Contemporary Fiction
I don't know if I'm allowed to include this one on the list, because Contemporary Fiction is such a broad genre. According to my search (again), contemporary fiction refers to writing that are written in present times and also sets in present time. Looking through Goodreads list of popular Contemporary Fiction books, it include books like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (one of my favorite books ever), Room by Emma Donoghue (also one of the best books I've read), and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (which is also my favorite). So I think this genre definitely deserves to be on this list - even though I cannot explain further about the specialty of this genre because there are so many varieties.
So that's it for this week's Top 5 Wednesday, hopefully I can do next week's which is Top 5: Top Book Quotes! Bye!
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  1. aku juga suka psycology tapi yang fiksi, nggak kuat kalau baca yang non fiksi =))


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