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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Movie Adaptation Review: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

 MOVIE ADAPTATION of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
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This has been on my Coming Soon list for the longest time, and I know this movie is not the trend anymore; but it has been really difficult for me to make time to watch this movie. So now I am determined to finally make this post. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is one of my favorite series that I read back in 2010 (before this blog existed) - and I have to honestly say my memory about this series is vague. Which is why I probably won't compare the movie to the book too much. And even though I know this post is sooo late, here's a non-spoiling, just-an-opinion review by me about the movie adaptation for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Obviously, I don't need to explain that Percy Jackson is half-god (demigod) because his father is Poseidon - the god of the sea, right? And all the others in the camp are all demigods too. Okay, then let's talk about the movie. The movie began with Percy's narration about the origin of Thalia's Tree; which involves a girl named Thalia (who's the daughter of Zeus) who sacrificed her life for her three friends - including Luke and Annabeth. Upon seeing that, Zeus decided to make her grow into a tree so she could live, and that tree serves as a protective barrier for Half-Blood Camp. But then the tree is poisoned - which enables a Colchis Bull to get inside the camp. It turns out Luke was the one who poisoned the tree (he was the antagonist in the previous Percy Jackson movie, The Lightning Thief). Luke also told Percy about a prophecy - which said Percy's destiny is either to save or to destroy Olympus.

The only way to revive Thalia's Tree is with the Golden Fleece - that can heal any living person or thing. But the Golden Fleece is located in the Sea of Monsters - which is also known as the Bermuda Triangle. Even though Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson (Percy's half-brother, who's a cyclops) are planning to go find the Golden Fleece, Luke is also planning the same thing. They have to get the Golden Fleece before Luke does, or Luke will use it to resurrect Kronos - the evil King of Titans who's been destroyed by his sons: Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon.

If I have watched this right after I finished reading the book, I would probably be disappointed; because I know the movie adaptation miss out plenty of scenes in the book. The movie is only one-and-a-half hour long, which is pretty short for a book with so many things going on in it. Despite that, I think the movie is easy to understand - even for those who don't read the book. It is still action-packed, full of obstacles as they go through the quest, and of course a lot of water magic by Percy. But, since I cannot tell you much about the differences between the movie and the book (because of my bad memory), I should say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie adaptation. It was intense, cute (Logan Lerman), fun, and even heart-warming. It definitely wasn't the best movie adaptation ever, but it was pretty satisfying to watch.

Now let's talk about my favorite scenes from the movie. The first one is when they ride the Chariot of Damnation! I still remember this part in the book, because of the gray sisters who have no eyeball, and they keep fighting over one eyeball that's left. My second favorite part, is the meeting with Hermes - the god of messenger, who even wear a Hermès tie to match his almighty name ㅋㅋ.I also love the Hippocampus, that looks more like a unicorn-colored-water-horse, I think. Another favorite is when Percy started creating huge waves in the sea, so that Annabeth can grab their magical-equipment to escape. The son of Poseidon at works is looking really cool. My last favorite scene is when Percy finally accepted Tyson as his half-brother, and even accepted him as he is - a one-eyed cyclops. Aww~

I'm loving all the characters! I love how Mr. D (played by Stanley Tucci) always called people the wrong names - I used to laugh at that one a lot while reading the book. I love how Clarisse' (played by Leven Rambin) character is so tough and strong because she's the daughter of Ares - God of War. I will never not mention Logan Lerman, he's practically the best thing about this movie, LOL. He's so cute, gosh. I want to play water with Percy Jackson. I also love the pretty Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth; her eyes are so full charisma - perfect for her character who's the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. And of course, Jake Abel is also perfect to play the role of Luke Castellan - his face is so wicked.

Watching Kronos' resurrection and the epic ending of this movie made me want to re-read the series again, because I was reminded by how much fun and excitement I had while I was reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians series ;___;. But I don't think that would be possible for now, because I still have so many more series/trilogies I have yet to read - so re-reading a series might not be an option. When I finished watching Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, I'm looking forward to seeing the next movie and when it will be out. I was quite sad because I heard they wouldn't continue filming the third movie adaptation, The Titan's Curse :( No more Logan Lerman playing water? Even though a lot of people are disappointed with the movie adaptation of this series, as a fan of Percy Jackson series myself, I should say the movie is fun to watch and entertaining. The movie might be lacking in some ways, but I still hope for this movie adaptation to finish it until the end :(

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