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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Movie Adaptation Review: You Are the Apple of My Eye

MOVIE ADAPTATION of You Are the Apple of My Eye
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I have to admit I recently watched this movie while I was practicing for my thesis trial presentation, so I wasn't really concentrating. Besides that, this is the second time I'm watching this movie - so I guessed there's nothing new, really. I just want to re-watch this so I could write a movie adaptation review for it. Anyway, there's a lot of difference between the movie and the original book. There are additional scenes to give a comedic sense to the movie - but the essence and the bittersweet-ness of the story is still the same. I guess I would say that both the movie and the book has its' own plus and minus. So here's my non-spoiling review for the movie adaptation of You Are the Apple of My Eye *there will be plenty of screencaps, so please be patient if it took longer to load.

The movie started in a more comedic manner; introducing the main characters and the guys who like Shen Jiayi. I don't know why the movie talks about the masturbating-part so much; I think it's a waste of time and doesn't add any value to a movie this good. Ke Jingteng (starring Ke Zhendong - it's kind of weird how similar their names are) is introduced as this naughty student, and got caught masturbating in the classroom with his friend. After that incident, he's seated in front of Shen Jiayi (starring Michelle Chen), the class' model student. The sweetness begins when Shen Jiayi forgot her English textbook; and Ke Jingteng lend her his book and got punished instead. From that point on, it seems Shen Jiayi paid more attention to him, and is concerned about his grades - so she started giving him homeworks and poke him with pen (aww~). After that, it's full of cuteness - especially seeing how childish Ke Jingteng is, but who can resist his childishness if he's that good looking?

I think the real story only starts developing when they're about to enter college; when Ke Jingteng is fully aware of his feelings to Shen Jiayi, but he turns into a huge coward when it comes to her. Their friendship also seems a lot deeper in this stage, because they talk to each other on the phone all the time and they even went out on a 'date' - which wasn't mentioned in the book. But the movie portrayed their relationship very well through this scene, so I think it's a great addition. Their facial expressions also said a lot about their feelings, which is why the audience would surely feel bittersweet, because they know how much both of them like each other ;___; In a way, the movie is better than the book, since I can see their expression (that speaks more than words) - and as I've said, the additional scenes that are not in the book also gives more spice and bittersweet to it.

The story aside, I think both actor and actress did an amazing job at making this story come to life. How their relationship grows over the years feels natural and relatable. Ke Jingteng's childishness really doesn't go away, although he's years older than his high-school self; but we can see how he has changed because of Shen Jiayi and also his love for her. Shen Jiayi is a really sweet and lovable character, so I can't really blame all the guys for liking her in school.

As I've said earlier, this movie is filled with tons of cuteness but also ends in a bittersweet manner that makes me teared up. My first favorite scene has to be the phone call scene - when an earthquake hit Taipei and Ke Jingteng called Shen Jiayi to find out how's she doing. They ended up talking about the old days, and of course their feelings that goes to waste. My second favorite is when Shen Jiayi called Ke Jingteng while crying because she failed the entrance test; Ke Jingteng comes as quick as possible and sit next to her while she cried. He offered a tissue, and then even took off his tshirt for Shen Jiayi to blow her nose (more aww~ and we also get to see him shirtless for the numerous times). My last favorite scene is towards the end of the movie; a collection of flashbacks that made the whole movie 10 times more bittersweet than it already is. Gosh, especially the fire lantern ;_____; I won't talk too much about the ending to avoid spoilers for those who haven't watch this ;D

Overall, it's a great movie - and I would totally love it more if the masturbating scenes are not as much. I also get the bittersweet feeling that I get when reading the book as I watched the movie - which is a good thing, since the story is already sweet in the first place. I'm so looking forward to reading Giddens Ko's other works if it got the chance to be translated in Indonesia ^3^

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