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Monday, April 15, 2013

Movie Adaptation Review: Life of Pi

Read my short book review on Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I know it's pretty late to watch this, but I've just seen this movie in bluray, and it was totally AWESOME. Although the book and the movie each gives different experience to me, both are equally wonderful. I read the book about 2 years ago, and even though I couldn't remember the details very well, the book left a deep impression in me even until now. The movie was around 2 hours long; and most of the time I was too mesmerized with the visuals. Although there are things in the book that I expected to see in the movie (but didn't), the movie still reached the point of excellence for me. When I read the book, it's pretty difficult for me to imagine the situation of Pacific Ocean. But finally the movie adaptation has made the story real, and it was indeed an unforgettable sight. So here's my non-spoiling review for the movie adaptation of Life of Pi by Yann Martel. *there will be plenty of screencaps, so please be patient if took longer to load.


The story is told through Pi, who's telling the story of his life to an author who's in need of a good story. The movie begins by introducing Pi's life, starting from his life in the zoo, how he got his name, his swimming ability, and his family. Not to forget another important part of Pi's life is his experiences with different kinds of religion. Up to that point, the story flows in a calm mood - especially with the wonderful colors in Indian culture. The story got a little bit intense with the introduction of Richard Parker, the bengal tiger. Pi who has different perspective about life, tried to feed Richard Parker with his hand; and of course made his father angry. And so Pi's father tried to show him that Richard Parker is not a friend - by making Pi see Richard Parker eats another animal in front of his eyes. I have to say this, Richard Parker is one gorgeous tiger.

Real story just started when Pi's family are on a ship going to Canada, and the ship sank. Pi got to ride a lifeboat and survived; but he wasn't alone. In the lifeboat, there's an injured zebra, an orangutan named Orang Juice (what a cute name), a hyena, and of course the almighty Richard Parker. I'll stop telling the story up to that point, so not to spoil the fun for those who haven't watched this incredible movie. Most of the movie is set on the Pacific Ocean, but it wasn't a boring scenery at all. Seeing the Pacific Ocean in so many different weathers and the sight of night-scenery is so pleasing to the eyes. As I've said, there are some different things (and probably some scenes that are not really appropriate to be seen in the movies are removed), the movie is so beautiful.

I have to say my favorite part of the movie is Richard Parker. Although it gives me a shock several times while watching the movie (especially because I set the audio to loud, so its' roar sounds too real), but its' appearance definitely doesn't make the movie boring. Richard Parker is probably the most important character in this story, because as Pi said, without Richard Parker he probably wouldn't have lasted that long. His fear of Richard Parker made him stay alert, and keeps him busy. Oh, I still can't get over my feels for this movie :')))
"I can eat the biscuits, but God made tigers carnivorous, so I must learn to catch fish. If I don't, I'm afraid his last meal would be a skinny vegetarian boy." - Pi
But of course I wouldn't neglect Pi's character, and the cast who played the character extremely well: Suraj Sharma. I've heard that most of the scenery in Life of Pi movie is made with CG (Computer Graphics) - which is almost unbelievable to me, because it all looks so real. And I think the actor really lived up to the situation, because his expression, his gestures, it all seems perfect. It's like you can really see hunger in his eyes, fear, and also the desire to survive. I imagined it must be difficult to act all that in a blue-screen setting. So, thumbs up! ^^

Another biggest point in this movie is the scenery! Whether it's day or night, it's always beautiful to see. The most memorable one for me would be the night ones of course; when the jellyfish are shining in the ocean, when the whale flipping it's fins, and so on. In terms of story, I still love the book much better than the movie adaptation. Just because the emotions are more developed; while in the movie Pi only narrates at certain times. But in terms of visual, of course my imagination couldn't beat the amazing pictures in this movie. I think I've never seen any other movie so visually beautiful like this one :)
"I never thought a small piece of shade could bring me so much happiness. That a pile of tools, a bucket, a knife, a pencil, might become my greatest treasures. Or that knowing Richard Parker was here might ever bring me peace.... Without Richard Parker, I would have died by now. My fear of him keeps me alert. Tending to his needs gives my life purpose."
I have so many favorite moments in this movie, but I'll try to explain only some. My top favorite one is when Pi is writing his diary until his pencil got so small and he couldn't write anymore. Writing has become some sort of way to express himself and how he feels. So when the pencil runs out, he kind of lose hope as well. I almost cried when the book got blown away :'( The part when Pi was training Richard Parker has also become one of my favorite moments. It was a point when Pi has gained enough courage and felt tired for always being afraid with Richard Parker. And so his effort to tame and train Richard Parker felt really touching :)) There are so many more, but I'll leave that for you to enjoy yourself - if you haven't watched it, of course.

In the end, the movie was concluded perfectly. It feels heartbreaking yet relieving at the same time. Even when I read the book, I always felt this story is so beautiful. After finishing this movie, I even had the thought of re-reading the book because it's so good. But then I remember all the books I haven't read, so I guess I'll have to do that some other time. Overall, the movie is BEAUTIFUL - both visually and also thematically. It's filled with emotions and have deep meanings of life. But I have to say, the book gives so much more. So for those who enjoyed the movie adaptation of Life of Pi, I suggest you to read the book :) You definitely won't regret it.

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  1. Aku sudah nonton filmnya, tapi bukunya belum dibaca (malah dijadiin hadiah giveaway, haha). Filmnya bagus banget. Sayang gak nonton di bioskop, katanya efek 3D-nya karen. :|

    1. loh kok belum bacaaa? bagus bgt loh bukuny :))
      iya aku jg sayang ngga ntn d bioskop :(

  2. May have been a bit sloppy in terms of writing, but the visuals are breathtaking and something that will definitely have your eyes advert on the screen the whole time. Good review Stefanie.


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