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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Movie Adaptation Review: The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey

 MOVIE ADAPTATION of The Hobbit (Part 1: An Unexpected Journey)
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I finally get to watch The Hobbit, and I can't wait to say: I LOVE IT. The movie was the definition of perfection for me, especially because I love the book much the same way. Compared to the Lord of the Rings trilogy movie adaptation that was 4 hours long (the extended version), this one was only about 3 hours approx. And during those three hours, it was definitely full of action and intensity - it's like I have no time to relax. Well, as many movie adaptations do, there are several things that are different from the book. But as a whole, this movie pretty much covers everything for the first part of the story - even adds a bit more in some other parts. So, here goes my non-spoiling review for the movie adaptation of The Hobbit by - my favorite - Mr. Tolkien. *there will be plenty of screencaps, so please be patient if took longer to load.

The movie begins with the introduction of Erebor, the homeland of the dwarves, along with all its' riches in form of gold and jewels. Audience would understand the lives of the dwarves, their abilities, and their prosperity - before the dreadful incident falls on their kingdom. It also includes the discovery of Arkenstone, which was named the 'King's Jewel'. And of course, it then continued with the appearance of Smaug, the dragon, who has a certain love and desire for gold. Even though this was only an introduction, the intensity was no joke. I think this part would like to show the audience how much the dwarves has lost - which explains their reason to go on an adventure to take back their homeland. The book doesn't say much about this, so it's a very good addition I'd say.

The story calms down when we're taken back to young Bilbo Baggins' life. And of course, we get to see old Gandalf again! YAY! Even from the LOTR movies, for me, Gandalf is always a refreshing character to see. He can be witty and fun at a time, and also powerful at another. As for Bilbo, I think Martin Freeman definitely portrays the hobbit character very well. Starting from the way he walks, the way he reacts to the dwarves and all; I think it's perfect. Although as I've said there are some different things compared to the book, the movie itself is already great as it is.

And of course, I wouldn't forget to mention the dwarves! (and sorry I just screencapped my favorite dwarves: Thorin Oakenshield, Fili, and Kili. there are about a dozen of them, so it would be too much to show each here). My choices are basically the most attractive ones (I can't deny). My ultimate favorite out of all of them would be Kili - especially because he's an archer. Someone on tumblr even mentioned that Kili is probably the child of Aragorn and Legolas (lol, what an idea). Each of the dwarves are very unique, but I'm having difficulties remembering each of them. Nevertheless, they were interesting characters - and in this movie, we get to know the reason why dwarves have such hatred towards elves.
"I know you doubt me, I know you always have, and you're right. I often think of Bag End. I miss my books, and my arm chair, and my garden. See, that's where I belong; that's home, and that's why I came cause you don't have one.. a home. It was taken from you, but I will help you take it back if I can." - Bilbo Baggins
Another interesting character, which I don't remember seeing in the book, is Radagast the Brown. Radagast is a wizard and a friend of Gandalf - although he's very odd and has incredible love for animals. In this movie, we also have to bare seeing more ugly faces (just like in LOTR trilogy movies). There are orcs who keeps chasing the dwarves because of their hatred and need for revenge. I think this was one reason that makes the movie have so much battles. Though unfortunately, it seems like Gandalf is a superhero who always saves the day (pretty much like my impression in the book). Nevertheless, the battle scenes are still fun to watch.

I have many favorite moments from the movie, and there are times when I'm close to tears (yes, I'm that weak). My number 1 favorite is Thorin-Bilbo moment, which happens almost at the end of the movie. From the beginning, Thorin was skeptical about Bilbo joining the company. And so when Bilbo proved himself, the moment Thorin approves of Bilbo is so touching for me. My second favorite moment is when Balin told the history when their King was killed and they lost their leader. But when he saw Thorin fight the enemy with all his might, Balin said that there is one he could call King, which is Thorin. Of course I do have many more, but I guess you all just have to watch the movie to enjoy those moments yourself :))))
"Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? I don't know. Perhaps because I am afraid, and he gives me courage." - Gandalf
It wouldn't be complete if I don't mention the scenery of this movie. The visuals are so beautiful to look at, it makes me feel the desire to live in Middle-Earth. I think Peter Jackson has done such a wonderful job directing this movie. And I salute him for giving those pleasures for my eyes to see. The scenes in this movie are dominated by dark and gloomy mood, because their battles tend to happen at night or underground. So seeing the outside scenery that's filled with green hills, mountains, amazing-looking sky, is always a very refreshing sight.

All in all, it was a perfect movie for me - especially since I've enjoyed the original book already. As I've said before there are some different things with the book - the movie sort of focused on some things, and honestly is not bad, I kind of liked it. Compared to the original story, this one is easier to understand and I could engage easier with the characters' emotions. For those who haven't read the books, or even haven't watched LOTR trilogy movie before, you can just enjoy this one first - because The Hobbit is the prologue for LOTR trilogy. But beware, the quality between The Hobbit and LOTR trilogy movie might differ - because LOTR was made several years ago, while The Hobbit is still very fresh with the newest technology.

I also heard that The Hobbit would be made into 3 parts, which means I have so much more to anticipate from Peter Jackson! I hope the story doesn't drag just because there are 3 parts to fulfill. There's still no news about the second part of this movie, but I'll be waiting and post something if there's anything new. Any of you haven't seen this movie yet? Let me give you the sneak peek of this movie ending with the picture below :)))

*sorry if the review is kind of random; because I'm still overwhelmed with too much feels after finishing the movie - and directly writing this.

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