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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Kaleidoscope 2012: Top Five Book Boyfriends

image source: here. edited by me.
I've done this before last year, for the Top 5 Book Boyfriends in 2011; and this year, I joined Klasik Fanda's end-of-year event: Book Kaleidoscope 2012. The first theme for this event is choosing Top 5 Book Boy/Girl Friends in 2012. I've read 100+ books this year; and during those reads I come across many interesting characters - as well as attractive fictional male characters. Honestly speaking, it's kind of difficult to choose only five; because I have so many choices this year. But in the end, I finally decided on the top 5 book boyfriends this year! So, here's the list!

5. ♥ Jethro Liem
Good Fight by Christian Simamora

I can't not love this hot photographer! He's very manly, yet his playful side of him is very charming - in my opinion. Another thing I liked about this character is his way of solving problems and conflicts happening in the story; he's a very straightforward and gentle guy, and for me that's very attractive. On the down side though, he has tribal tattoos. Although it is very manly and macho, but somehow it's quite hard for me to love men with tattoos. But nevertheless, this charming photographer made it to number 5!

4. Nino
Our Story by Orizuka

Actually there are two male characters that I like from this book: Nino and Ferris - the first one is more of the bad-boy type, and the latter is kind of the opposite. And somehow, I always fall deeper for the bad-boy type. It's kind of strange how I always loveeee bad-boys in romance-fiction (the cute bad-boy type who can be very sweet). Nino is a bad-boy character who has deep history full of scars, and expressed it through violence even though he has a soft-side as well. I always enjoyed this type of character and ends up loving him - but I'm not really sure if I would feel the same if I'm seeing the real life version of him. So, he'll stay at number 4 :))

that sweet-devilish smile i love :'))
3. Alex Wheatley
Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks never fails in creating great characters and makes me fall in love with them; same thing happens with Alex. Sadly, in the story he's described as gray-haired man - which means he's a bit old already. But still, I definitely fall in love with his personality: an absolute gentleman, a great father to his children, and has a loving heart. In the story, he seems like the type of guy I could rely on and I can trust him to protect me from danger. His sweet words are the ones that made me fall deeper and deeper for this character.
"The more he talked, the more she realized that he was the kind of man who tried to find the best in people, the kind of man who tried to find the best in people, the kind of man who didn't like to complain."
"Everyone has a past, but that's just it- it's in the past. You can learn from it, but you can't change it. Besides, I never knew that person. The person I've come to know is the one I want to get to know even better."
"I'm not sure anyone's life turns out exactly the way they imagine. All we can do is to try to make the best of it. Even when it seems impossible."
if it's josh duhamel, i'll probably put him in number 1 spot :P
2. Mardinanto Albert Nolan
Lullaby by Rina Suryakusuma

This character is a very strong candidate; because he's a guy who doesn't give up on his love and tried his best to get it. He's a very smart guy, logical, and a very loving person too. His love for Audy in the story is superb - full of patience and support. Who doesn't want a guy who loves you so much like that? Reading this book and meeting Mardi's character made me think, will there be such a guy who would love me that way? And so I put him in number 2 Top Book Boyfriends 2012 :)
 1. Rahmat Natadiningrat
Test Pack by Ninit Yunita

This guy, is not only the top boyfriend, but also a very strong candidate as a husband. Although he does has flaws - such as being a smoker and infertile; but his personality and how he loves his wife is the strongest point about him. Rahmat doesn't only love his wife, but has the commitment to do it for the rest of his life as well. In the story, I can clearly see his sincere love - and that's what I look for in a boyfriend: sincerity and commitment. Another plus point, he's very witty and funny - the type of husband who would always want to make his wife laugh. I'd love that :)

Hopefully you enjoyed this post as well as the other bloggers who joined Book Kaleidoscope 2012. Next up is Top Five Book Covers 2012! Released tomorrow at 9 AM. bye ;)
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  1. Jadi penasaran sama bukunya Nicholas Sparks.
    Btw aku sepakat sama Rahmat. Aaaaa.....Rezaaaaaaaaa :"> *ini ngefans sama Rahmat apa Reza-nya?*

  2. I like your 3rd candidate the most, seems to be a perfect guy :)

  3. kyaaaaa, ada Jethro Liem juga, ak suka banget sama dia, masuk ke salah satu Top 5 ku juga :)

  4. Wow, yang ketiga sepertinya okeh tuh Stef, tapi lagi bosan baca Nic Sparks padahal penasaran dengan buku yang ini. Btw kayanya top 5mu yang paling banyak tokoh fiksi Indonesia yaa :)

  5. Suka covernya Orizuka sama Lullaby, meski tdk msk daftar bacaanku :D
    haduh Josh Duhamel bikin meleleh deh ...


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