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Friday, November 23, 2012

Update: Movie Adaptation Trailers!


Since I have so little time to write reviews and my reading time is becoming less because of assignments, I'll just post several Movie Adaptation Trailers that really excites me! Although I haven't read some of the books, but I'm sure it's good since it'll be adapted into a movie. And watching these trailers really makes me want to read all of them. Surprisingly though, I'm going to put Indonesian movie trailers too in this post - which is pretty rare because usually I'm not really fond of Indonesian movies. So, here are the trailers! Hope you enjoy watching :))

1. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 by Stephenie Meyer
 This one already premiered in Indonesia, but I'm not sure if I'm going to watch it or not. Basically because I stopped watching since the 2nd movie. The trailer looks promising though; so I still haven't decided yet :p Anyone seen it yet? Do you recommend me to watch it or not?

2. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks (Review: here)
  I read the book earlier this year in February and I love it - of course since I'm a little bit biased towards Nicholas Sparks. The movie adaptations for Nicholas Sparks books didn't always satisfy me (some did, like A Walk to Remember), but I definitely MUST watch this one! Just because Josh Duhamel is in it :p - even though his looks doesn't really match well with the character in the book; too good looking that is xD
3.The Host by Stephenie Meyer (Short Review: here)
In my opinion, The Host is 10 times better than Twilight (sorry, Twilight fans). Hopefully, the movie adaptation won't focus too much on the romance (again) and pay a little more attention to the action details.  Even though the trailer doesn't show a lot, I am so excited because I've read the book.
4. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
This one I haven't read; although the book is already sitting in my bookshelf waiting. The trailer itself is already so tempting; with all the dark magic and secret thing (plus the romance). It looks exciting, so I'll probably going to move this book up on my reading list.
 5. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

 This trailer, in my opinion, is the most exciting among all. I've heard so much about The Mortal Instruments, and have bought the books but - again - haven't read them yet. Seeing this trailer makes me want to read it as soon as I could; hopefully I can make this as my holiday read in December! The casts for the movie are also great, I really can't wait to finish reading and watch the movie soon!
6. Habibie & Ainun by Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie
 Saw this trailer when I was watching Skyfall the other day, and this definitely amazed me. I've seen the book a few times in the bookstore but never decided to buy it; now I'm regretting it. The movie, starring Reza Rahadian (who's playing a LOT of Indonesian movies) and Bunga Citra Lestari, looks very promising since both of them are great actor and actress. I think this will be a melodrama and a heart-wrenching love story. So looking forward to this one :)
7. 5cm by Donny Dhirgantoro
I am highly anticipating this movie, because 5cm is one of my favorite Indonesian books years ago. Honestly, I don't really remember the story much anymore; that's why I have this huge temptation to re-read it again before watching the movie. Basically, it's a story about friendship (plus a little romance, and a lot of inspiring things). My favorite cast in this movie is Herjunot Ali; I just love the look on this guy's face xD Hopefully the movie will be a great hit!

Any movie that you want to watch? ^^ It's nearing the holiday season and I'm so excited; 3 more weeks and I'm done with my 5th semester and final exam. Once again, sorry for the lack of update in this blog. I hope you enjoy this random post :o))
by.stefaniesugia♥ .


  1. Pengen nonton The Host. Aku suka Saoirse Ronan. Aktingnya keren bangettt..

    Habibie & Ainun ada filmnya? wow baru tau!!!! Yang main adik kelasku waktu SD, si Reza Rahadian. hehehe

    *kayaknya seleraku agak bias*

  2. Ouw ... Stef, u must sees BD 1-2, although I'm not a fans of this book, the movies really good (no need to watch Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse) just BD, it's really-really good.
    The Host much more good stories than Twilight Saga (far beyond), but regarding the movies, well I don't like the cast, so I'm a little dissapointed by the choice :(
    Nicholas Sparks, I think his last and new books not quite the same quality than his oldest novels, so doesn't quite interesting to follow up his update :D
    Beautiful Creatures is really good books, so I can wait for the movies too.
    Mortal Instruments, no comment 'coz I still don't have a chance to read them (all 3-4 books hoho)
    Indonesian movies, errr ... it's also stops many-many years ago, I prefer the old movies, they're have great stories and more reasonable than just some popular topics this days :D

  3. Keren, stef :)
    Dari yang di atas yang sudah aku baca baru Breaking Dawn sama 5 cm

  4. Aku nunggu banget The Host nih tahun depan. Penasaran sama yg jadi Ian O'Shea-nya :-)

    I suggest you to read Breaking Dawn, kak. Banyak temenku yang nggak suka film 1-3 pun bilang kalo BD ini bagus. Apalagi twist menjelang akhir filmnya itu keren bangeettt

    Seneng juga belakangan makin banyak buku bagus karya pengarang Indo diangkat jadi film layar lebar. Jauh lebih mending tren yang ini daripada nonton film-film horor berbumbu seks nggak jelas yang sempet booming itu....

  5. @Nana: Iya aku jg pengen ntn The Host^-^ hihihi
    @HobbyBuku: udh ntn BD 2 akhirnya hihihi xD
    @Desty: ayo baca The Host :D bagus loh ;))
    @Tirta: sebenernya aku agak kecewa sih sama pilihan aktor yg jadi Ian :( pdhl karakter favoritkuu.. udah ntn kok akhirnya ^-^ hihihi setuju sama pendapat kmu ttg film indo :))

  6. wahh, kayaknya The Host emang bakal nyaingin Twilight. keren abis trailernya!!!

    harus baca The Mortal Instruments!! super bagus!! XD

    itu Habibie&Ainun bagus bangetttt >.< Reza Rahadian!!! XD

    kok di trailer 5cm, endingnya serem gtu ya? itu cerita perang kah? perasaan awal2 ngga deh. *belum baca novelnya*


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