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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hey, May!

--probably will be an irrelevant and thoughtless post--

last month was a really good and special month for me because of my birthday. other than that, it's quite full of suffering and assignments. the time is nearing to my semester exam, which is by the end of May; that's why i've been really busy lately. this is also the reason why i'm choosing light and easy books to read these days, so i'll be able to keep posting once in a while during this extremely busy time. i really hope time goes by quickly and then it'll be HOLIDAY. this semester is just too busy; with college, work, and everything. all i need is more relaxing and more "me" time. i missed sitting in the coffee shop, with a good book in one hand, nice coffee on the table, and wonderful music in my ears. how great would that be?

//guilty pleasure// last month, i developed an extreme liking towards this derpy guy, Kyungsoo from EXO-K. probably better known as D.O or donut :3 he has this absolutely angelic voice, and he's really cute. i don't know why, but he is. and this month i'm really excited for my favorite group, Infinite's, comeback. and i hope, this month would be a good and happy month for me! wish me well on my semester exam; hopefully i'll pass everything! i would update on my new books this month probably in the next two weeks. hopefully everyone had a great April as well, and let's embrace the new month with a happy heart and smiles on our faces :) happy 1st of May!

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