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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Movie Adaptation Review: Hugo


I have to say that this movie is absolutely wonderful visually. The tone of the movie and the colors gives off a certain vibe/mood to me as an audience; and somehow that vibe matches really well with the movie. Even the simple music brings out the feel of being in Paris; and also gives a calming mood to me. Sometimes it also presents the loneliness that Hugo feels, being alone in the station. This was a great movie! Compared to the book, I'd probably choose the movie because the messages and relationships between the characters are shown better. It's pretty rare for a movie adaptation, but somehow I understood the movie much better and prefer it more than the book. So now I'll start the non-spoiling movie adaptation review :))

*the screen captures I use below are not in their original tone/color, because I've edited them*

Judging from the book which has really simple plot and conflict, I thought the movie adaptation would be able to copy everything without changing a single thing. But somehow, the movie has slight changes (even though the main idea was mostly the same, of course); like how the character Etienne was not present in the movie. And also the Station Inspector's character got a lot more portion that he did in the book. Some scenes and characters were also changed. The character Isabelle was the one who's supposed to be good at unlocking locks with her hairpin, but in the movie Hugo was the one who could do it. The movie even helped concluding the message behind the story and I finally understood the deep connection between Hugo and Georges through the automaton. And the bittersweet history of Georges Méliès is described better too. So the changes in the movie adaptation is not a bad thing, it is still a very remarkable story :)

The main character in the movie, Hugo, was played by Asa Butterfield. I have to say, from the first sight, he does look like an abandoned boy living a difficult and lonely life. His appearance tells it all. I think this little boy captures the character really well. One lacking thing for me is when he acts sad and emotional when he saw the automaton didn't work the way he expected it. Other than that, I think he did an incredibly good job in portraying Hugo's character! The next main character would be Georges Méliès played by Ben Kingsley. He has that charisma and the look of a wise old man, who have gone through so many bittersweet experiences in life. He's such a great character, both in the book and the movie. And I was both shocked and happy at the same time when I saw Jude Law as Hugo's Father. I was not expecting that, so I was really happy and he's really good-looking *I don't really know what I'm talking about*; unfortunately his character only showed up like 3 minutes or so.

So overall, Hugo is a nice movie, even though not full of excitement because of its' simple story, and a great movie adaptation. I guess it brings out the best of the original book. This might be a good movie to watch as a family; since The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a children's book. Looking forward to watch another movie adaptations ;)

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